Cheese medical at different flowering stages

Beginner never grown, never used. No clue. Have 3 fem cheese medical doing great, I think??? But they are all at different stages even though I have given them all the same nutes, water. Outside grow in big pots. Smallest looks to be further along in flowering than the other 2. Even though other 2 are bigger even they show different flowering progress. So is this normal??? Or not a prob.

Absolutely normal. Think of them as kids. Two siblings from same parent: 1 is 6’3 the other is 5’8. Just different pheno types


Thank you. Thought I’d done something wrong. 2 are powering and starting to flower at different rates but the runt, it is going to have so much bud it’s unreal. So crossing fingers.:grinning::grinning: I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

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Welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures for us!? :v::bear:


Pictures… :wink::grin::smirk: