Cheese autoflower

This is my first time growing autoflower. Do I feed it the same I would a photo or is it more picky?


Usually autos are a little more sensitive to nutrients so I would start at half strength and adjust from there :v::bear:

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Ok thanks. I gave it some molasses, silica, super thrive and big bloom last night and just this morning it was wilting. I just got up for work and the lights cut on. I’m not sure if it’s from lights off or my mixture. I fed it light. And it was fine for 5 hours before I went to bed. I’m hoping it’s just from it resting cause my photo plant use to do that

Yea the plant is all perked up. I came home on my lunch break and it was. Some reason when it’s lights out the plant wilts down like it’s resting the perks back up. My last plant did that too

Same plant. Got huge. Got messed up by the fan but caught it in time and now looks better