Cheese autoflower grow

Starting cheese auto :+1: any tips tricks :eyes: im going with ffof , ilgm nutes , 3 gallon will lst to fit room :heart_eyes::+1:cheeres


We look forward to it! Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the neighborhood :blush:. Good luck with your grow. Tell us about your setup :blush::v:

Welcome to the community.

Thanks all im new to this computer world so forgive me if get back right away still learning how to navigate around :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard! My cheese auto was one of my most memorable autos to date and the most stinkiest in a good way. It was a growers choice freebie

Still in germination phase but im ready for a stinky one its been awhile last good stinky one was gelato and that waz an exlant grow

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Welcome to the community

Welcome @Zack11 How many plants will you be growing? The Bergmans nutes don’t go very far so either be stringent with your feedings or look to grab another order. I did 4 GSCE autos and they went well over 100 days and I ran short of nutes and had to finish out with what I had on hand. Good luck!!

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Welcome @Zack11. I will be chillin in the back!!

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Welcome @Zack11. I personally stopped being a fan of 3 gallon. Went 5 and above. Yields almost doubled.


welcome to the community

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