Cheers to y’all for all the help! Let’s crack a beer folks!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate y’alls help and support! Here’s to you and let’s be “patient” with our process and lay back and enjoy! Haha I’ll damn sure try! Lol So crack a beer with me and cheers mates!!!

@imSICKkid @WickedAle @dbrn32 @elheffe702 @Killadruid @Cyle1 and @ many more I’m sure I’m missing!


Ahhhhh blue mountains and green bud!

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That’s water!! Lol

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I know it was left here from the last party so…

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Ayy free beer is the best beer

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I enjoy my Corona actually! No fruit though

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I’m a Porter or Stout kinda guy myself.


Not big on chewing my beer but I do enjoy some flavor.

I dont drink I smoke only

@imSICKkid so where’s it at? Shows a cheers bro!

Drinking bring out the manimal

Nothing wrong with that!

Haha that’s liquor!

Nope just 1 drop of alcahol I’m excited immediately

Outta likes

Lmao I like to party

Well I just got done tending chickens, Turks and duck fed Lockness now time for me!!! Yeah go me go me!


Nice pond! Love living in the country

Haha I’ve been known to clear a bar or two back when I wore younger mans clothes!

Home of Lockness! 5 year old Koi fish he’s about 18 inches long big ole grumpy bastard!