Cheers! New Guy

Always great fun learning from others! Looking forward to it!
Here’s a bit of my background, been indoor growing for a couple years after about a 15 year sabbatical from the hobby. Using Canna Coco with their nutrients recipe exclusively. Have a 2.5 x 2.5 x 5’ tent with a Groplanner O-150. Affinity exhaust with humidifier and dehumidifier. Pretty much can set up my tent with close to perfect conditions. Pretty much run fems…


The plant looks great! Keep up the good work.


Looks nice and clean in there! What are you typically getting for dry harvest weight in there? I have 1 grow in tent that is not quite 36"x20", didn’t really like growing in rectangle this small.

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Nice clean looking setup! Welcome!


Thanks! Depends on the strain. I just finished a Durban Poison and got 6 oz. That is my goal, 6 oz. But I modified the 5’ tent by raising the floor 12" and then cutting a hole for pot to sit in which gives me an additional 12" of grow. So this run is a Northern Lights which I’ve never run but it’s growing rather fast. I’ll let you know!


Thanks! Probably my military background. Always keep things clean!

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Welcome to the community
Set up looks nice and clean

No military background here and it shows lol

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LoL. Thanks! It all smokes the same at the end…

Hell yeah, great idea!


Thanks! Yeah, all the weight of the tent is really on the frame so I made a 32" x 32" x12" cheap plywood table ($12) to set the tent on. 2x2" frame with a 1/4" top. Cut a 5 gallon hole and bam! Now pot is on floor of closet and bottom of tent is 12" above the finished floor.
So my 16" plant would have taken up 26" in the tent before. Now it’s 16"