Checking sex on some gorilla glue regular photos

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been on. Changed phones and just didn’t get around to setting it back up.

Here’s my deal. I’ve got 3 little gg’s just sprouted. I want to figure the sex asap to get my next grow going. I can only legally grow 5 plants, so i don’t want to waste spots. Plus tents only a 5x5 :joy:

Question 1 is what is the earliest I can turn the lights back from 18hrs to 12

Question 2 once sex is established, should i just put the lights back to 18hrs and incorporate that plant in witb 4 fem seeds or should i grow it out a bit and cut a fresh clone for the grow

Thanks in advance :grin::heart:


I would just let them grow and then take out males .
You might be lucky and have three females.

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I only have the 4 spots with my autopot and i have 3 other strains i wanted to grow :joy: ill give away extra females if i had any…

i tend to make things challenging. It’s why i smoke pot :joy:

@dbrn32 what do you think?

You could run lights on 12/12 from beginning, it won’t show you sex any faster. The plants have to mature before they will indicate sex regardless of light schedule. On 12/12 from start this takes +/- 6 weeks. Which would be about the same as running 18/6 for 4 weeks and then switching to 12/12.

Knowing that, I feel the best way to be productive is to wait until plants are about 4-5 weeks old and take a clone from each and place in a labeled cup of ph’d water. Then place all the clones somewhere else on 12/12 or similar flowering schedule. If you change water out every 5-7 days the clones should live plenty long enough to last a couple weeks to show sex. Generally speaking, males show a little earlier so you may get some faster results from them.


Damn bro, i tagged the right guy. Thank you! I knew you messed with this since I remember you space constrained.

It’s not the answer i was hoping for… damn. Well, looks like im gonna start some seeds and get something going. I don’t want to put things on hold. Im in autopots now so i really need to stay equal as far as starting new grows. Dang. Now i gotta think. I’ve already got 2" gg plants :joy: ill probably do exactly as you said, then, if i have a female, ill try to keep it alive to start a clone for next grow. I just hate to start a new grow with 1 pot empty… If i just throw it in as a 5th regular pot, it kinda defeats the autopots purpose. Plus i would grow coco with jack’s 321… including runoff, flushing, 2x per day watering :joy: etc… It would be hard to fit that in my 5x5…

Im rambling sorry :pray:

Anyway, as always, thank yoh for the thorough response and explanation. You rock @dbrn32


You could run a 5th autopot in a 5x5, just don’t over veg them. You’re going to get rapid growth with the passive hydro system anyway.

My thoughts on this is to fill it up with plants and cull if you have to. If you end up with 5 plants you want to keep, just do whatever trimming necessary to make them fit and send to flower.


If you are starting indoors and then going outdoors, just start early and let them go the the six + weeks and look for pre-flowers (balls or w/pistils). If you have to cull any males, you still have time to fill in with feminized plants. I plan to soak two of each strain of my regular (M/F) photoperiod beans that I hope to grow this week. By the end of March I should know how many feminized photo beans I should start. We are allowed 12 plants for medical patients here. Friends always appreciate any extra females for us to stay legal. Better than them buying teen clones at the dispensary in my opinion!

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Look up Farmer Freeman EZ-XY.

I use those when I need fast answers. You just snip a little bit of a leaf and mail it in with the kit. You get results in 24-72 hours after it’s received in the mail.


Good call, I forgot about these!


Thanks @JBB im staying indoors trying to time everything for 1 tent :joy: I have that will take clones for sure

That’s amazing! Didn’t know that was possible for a consumer. Not sure i want to know that $$ bad though :rofl:

I’ve already started 4 seeds. I only have 4 pots set up. I want the xl spring pots… so i don’t really want to buy another hard pot right now. I’m going to try dbrn32 method in water and see where I end up. I can 5 ready to harvest and 5 under 5"… kinda sucks :joy: but i should be thankful. In Missouri it’s 6 ready to harvest and 6 in veg any size… i could work with that

@Graysin @dbrn32 thanks guys


I run all seedlings and clones at 18/6 from 1 to 2 months depending on how they developed, and if i have room to put them into the flower tent. Had a couple that spent and extended period in veg. If anything it seems like they may finish quicker then the last round that only vegged for around 5 or 6 weeks.

That being said it normally takes a month before a plant will show what sex it is. I keep mine in veg until i know for sure its a girl. Or atleast a really good cross dresser.


I think i may have over trained/pruned last grow. I think i left it in veg too long. It was my first indoor photos and my first grow in autopots. I also think i wasn’t supplying enough oxygen. I only have 1 tent 5x5