Checking ph in soil....?

Recently bought a ph chlorine tester
I let store bought water to check ph run off from pot and found this color.
The water from drainage was tinted cloudy that looked a yellow color already…Then I added the ph drops and got this color in this picture…It’s very hard for me to tell.
Could u give me some help

The water runoff from soil is already a certain color and not clear so when I add the pH test drops it turned slightly darker.
How do I get the water clear that’s Ron off so that I can test this. The color on the tester is not even there like looks to me orange

Nice idea, but that doesn’t have a range more adequate for soil and plants. Soil pH should be 6.5 and that pH scale only goes down to 6.8 and so it can’t really help you.

You need a scale that will have 6.5 about in the middle, so you can see how high or below your soil is, or if it is right on the number.

I don’t know what color the liquid should become below 6.8, maybe it does get more orange? And the higher the numbers above 8.4, maybe it gets more purple to even more blue?

I’m sorry, I can’t help you to even try and guess what this color is telling you on this color scale.

Try something more like these:
[ILGM official sponsor’s buyer’s guides – pH, EC and TDS meters, pens and controllers][1]

And specifically this:



The testing water doesn’t have to be clear, the drops specifically for testing pH for plants will still show its color over the kind of yellow/orange of the run-off.


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Thank you for that I thought it kind of strange I will go get another one suited for plants.
Growing has never been so challenging until now LOL

You can find these at most local hardware or garden supply stores, and they are almost the same as the above drops.


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I have and use the same product. Well maybe similar to it. The kit also comes with P H up and PH Down


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Robert’s you-tube on testing soil:

And Robert’s ILGM blog/guide article on testing soil:

Check them out, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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