Checking my Grow Room Equipment



That one would work, but this one a little better layout

One or two small fans would work for circulating air in the tent. But you’ll also want an inline fan of sorts to exhaust the the tent.


Hay SlowOldGuy,
Yea I can see your point. The Hesi-Starter-Kit is from growmart tho, so im trusting it’s quality.
Maybe I should look at the world through your eyes sometimes, I’m so heavily tended to just do things without thinking helps with jumping from 10meters ramps but not with buying things and taking care of your little girls :wink:
Thank you for your reply


Okay, I trust you blind mate. I’m so happy when this light discussion is finally over since I’m mad about myself not thinking about this beforehand.
I will buy this one and show you the results :smile: . You basically own the additional yield I’m making now. lol
Have a nice day.


Thanks for being welcome. Yeah man, I’m so overwhelmed by all this information. :wink: So now you not alone anymore. 2 Rookies. I will read through all the treads, I want this information. I’m basically sucking it up like a sponge :smiley:


So you mean an exterior fan?


Thats not the same light lol. Also, growerslights isn’t an approved vendor. Would you mind deleting the links when you get a chance?


Oh shit yea okay I will do it right away. They are kinda hard to find.


Growerslights or horticulture lighting group.


Do you mind sending me the link please? I will try look it up myself wait


Against rules for me to link too, sorry. Just type description into search bar from pic i posted above.


oh i see. Could i maybe just message you so we do that pirvate. I dont want to annoy everyone so much here.


Okay I think I got it


That’s it.


perfect. took way to long sorry mate. thank you so much. Maybe I use my eyes the next time


Hay quick question
if use this one im just fine right?
the 50 euros arent making a diffrence if you think about it
thankks you helped me so much


Ya that would actually be better for your space. Instead of linking them, just take screenshot and post or type model number. I’m familiar with them.


okay will do it next time. Why are you so familar with them? you got them all in your head lol? Or expirence

I dont know if you got the time for it but i would love to understand the sience behind it? Why is this one better and isnt a 1meters x 1meters x 2 meters tall small comparted to the 4 x 4 x 7 I read sometimes ?
I just wanna get smarter here thanks


Yes, both really. There are a lot of members here with them.

The difference in measurements is just due to locations. Most of the stuff is U.S. is going to be measured by feet. 2x2, 2x4, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5. Outside of U.S. you see grow spaces based on metric system. 1x1, 2x2, and so on.


oh okay thanks