Checking my Grow Room Equipment



Hello fellas,

2 weeks ago I started my first journey to grow my first Cannabis plants. I am addicted to the idea having my own growed cannabis. Im constanly worried if I did a mistake or if I have the right equipment, since im a bloody beginner. So I thought, to make thing sure I will list down my equipment and ask you for tips and your opinions. The equipment I bought was a complete set from a site called grow mart. I will post a link so you guys have a reference (apparently I’m not allowed to post links in here sorry, if you know how I could bypass this to give you guys some reference hit me up). I feel like Im a dedicated Grower and Im open to put a lot of hours in taking care of my girls so im fine if you give me suggestion to the time consuming techniques.

The lamp and the little fan I listed weren’t included in the complete set.
Although they shipped a own lamp in there I decided to use a led lamp, so the it takes less electricity and I heard Led Grow Lamps are really efficient these days. Thank you very much in advanced.

The List + Links:

  • 1x1x2 meters grow tent
  • a Carbon Filter with a Fan (23-37 W)
  • A little Fan (20 w) (bought it myself and use it to keep the air fresh in the grow tent.
  • A Led Grow Light full spectrum (136w and apparently has a capability of 600 w)
  • And the pots are normal plant pots .
  • A fertilizer set : A Hesi-Starter-Kid by grow mart

My questions:

  • Is the Led Grow Light a good one or not? I heard there is a lot of scam out there when buying a Led Grow Light.
  • Should I buy a 1000 w or even consider a 1200 w Led Grow Light and can i expect a bigger yield then ?
  • Is this fertilizer pack a good one ?
  • How many plants can i put in this Grow tent and in which shape ? I thought about putting it in a X like shape so there would be 5 plants in the telt.
  • Which growing technique should I use to maximize my yield?
  • Am i missing any equipment ?
  • And now the most important question by every grower :wink: How much yield can i expect if i do things right ?
  • When do I need to switch on the exterior fan which is connected to my carbon filter?
  • I heard a good circulation is key for a big yield what do i have to consider?
  • Do i need other little equipment like a ph checker and so on.

My Goals:

  • The seeds I bought had a date sheet of 600-650g/ square meter and a indoor yield of 1- 1.40 meter. Tho I have a 2 meter place so I would like to to grow them even longer.
  • I read on average you can gain 150-300 to each plant 5-10 ounces and if you experienced even 600 w so 21 ounces. What do I need to know to to come close to these numbers?

Thank you so much for reading through this and for your responses.
Hope you have a nice day and cya soon.


I repley to my own post to give you guys the links. :slight_smile:
Led Lamp

Hesi Starter Kit:

Grow Tent:

If im not allowed to do this i will remove it as soon as possible.
Thank you for the help


For that big of a tent, you’re going to need more light. I started with the cheap Amazon lights, did a couple grows with decent yields then upgraded to a315w cmh. I had two 300w roleadro 2nd generation lights and one 400w roleadro cob in a 2x3 tent and the buds where fluffy



I tried to fix your links. I got two out of three to work for ya and your links are fine to be here.
I want to take the time to welcome you to ILGM and to our growing community of awesome fokes and so ’ WELCOME VERDANT "


Hi @Verdant

Welcome to the forum. I am with @HornHead, you will need to upgrade your lighting. Check out these threads: Let's talk DIY lights Quantum Board Grow Room
as two places where alot of lamps are discussed. I use QBs, and a 1500W LED for my grows.

Also, not sure if there are pH and ppm digital meters for measuring nutrient solution, water, and runoff are in the grow package, but they are really important.


Welcome to the forums @Verdant. lots of great help here (not including me, i’m a rookie too) :wink: i love this place and have learned so much in the 16 days i have been here. Both my parents were teachers and they taught… there is no bad question. so ask away and you will get lots of help. read the guides and read thru different forum titles, you will learn a bunch just from going thru the stuff. yes it can be overwhelming for all the info on there, but you don’t know the right questions to ask until you get a base of info to work from.


the only thing i see as usable is maybe the tent, but idk much about tents,
my opinion is skewed because i do not like cheap equipment, i m poor and do not like wasting money on inadequate/unreliable equipment,
i also think Amazon is a menace, they have sold u a light that is only good for veg.!
technically u could get 4 of those lights to flower in a 1x1x2 tent, but they r not good,

Hesi-Starter-Kit is probably okay.!!

if u can, return it all and get your money back.!!
save up and buy good-great equipment, it is the best investment u will make as a grower.!!
or… start small with good chit and expand when finances allow it.!


Hello, @dbrn32 is the one for lights.


Welcome to the forum! I would say light is a little small for good results in that size space. I’m not really sure what you have access to, but if you want leds the quantum boards othwrs recommended are a good choice.


Yo mate,
I can finally answer to all these beautiful replies I got :wink:
Thanks for helping me out with the links. Yea I feel very welcome in this community and want to say thank you for this once again. I should make a counter for all these thank you’s man.
U guys are awesome. I can finally sleep again and stop annoying my grow mate with my worries xd


Yo bud,
okay, I was reading through the thread, the pictures I saw there looked very good and I also bought me a ph meter today but its not digital. A TDS to measure the ppm wasn’t at my store I will look for one on the internet. Do you have any suggestion which Led lamp I should buy or where I should look for ? I got a budget from 150-400.
Thanks for replying :smile:


Thank you for being welcome. I saw your name on a lot of threads obviously since you a Grow Mentor lol.
Yes after reading through all this I see I have to stock up on my Lamp. You asked for my budget and my budget would be 150-400 maybe 500 but that is very unlikely. @Demar gave me a link and I looked up some of these lamps you have the same opinion as him with this website? However, could you give me another website or any suggestions where I should look for? You know my tent (1x1x2 meters) and yes I think I will grow 5 plants in an X.-like shape. If you got a better idea of how many plants I am open for every idea. Thank you :smile:


Yo mate,
Thanks for the link man. I was looking up some which I think is in my price range and suits my needs. Should I send the picture of them? I’m still so new to what I should take care and which parameters are important and which not.
Have a nice day mate.


Yo mate,
I would love to see a picture of them. My first grow so im worried af. :wink:


If you go with qb’s i would try 260 xw kit. It designed for 3x3, but you wouldn’t be giving up a lot to go 1mx1m.


I can see :wink: He is everywhere lol


What a quick response.
Do you mean this one?


One other question not regarding the lights. Is one little interior fan with 20 W enough ventilation or should I consider stocking up there too? I put it on the ground since I have no way right now to connect it to something right now.


What dbrn32 said :slight_smile: If you go to that link, each one has spec’s that will tell you what it’s good for in feet x feet.


Oh gud to know. Okay I will research more on this website.