Check your hlg 260 dimmers

I bought my hlg 260 xl a year ago( almost exactly) and I noticed one of my led boards going bad , so when I saw my lights flickering a Lil i assumed it was that board . Fast forward to after I switched out the boards plug it in and go hmm it’s a Lil dimmer in here then it should be. Unplugged my 300 rspec tested the dimmer no change, flipped the driver and tested the manual dim works fine. So I replaced the dimmer and besides a momentary heart attack from the light not turning on until I turned it up it now works 10x better


Yeah it’s an adjustable resistor. They can only sweep so many times before the contacts become less reliable. That’s another reason why some pots cost much more than others. Also a good reason to have a kill-a-watt meter.