Check up after spraying

I just sprayed her a little while ago with a solution of neem oil and soap. She is 12 days old today and starting to grow really fast. I’ve really been enjoying growing my first plant and I appreciate you guys input on my past posts.

As soon as the leaves dry I will put her back under the light.

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I have never seen a plant 12 days old that needed Neem oil. It’s also pretty far down my list of treatment options.

I would also be leery of spraying anything on your plants unless the health of the plant is at stake.

The instructions I got with the pot for a pot kit suggested spraying it. When do you normally spray yours? I’m 100% new at all of this…:grimacing:

No need to spray your plant. Unless fighting pests or mold.

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Spraying your plants before there’s a problem is a good idea. Neem helps prevent not only bugs but white powder mildew, and fungi. Mix 1 tsp soap 2 tsp neem in a 1 qt hand sprayer

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