Check this out to cool your led driver



I bought an HLG 260W QB V2 rspec with the new Meanwell driver and this thing gets super hot with the light turned all the way up. It was hot to the touch at around 75% but at 100% it was literally too hot to touch. I am guessing at least 140 to 150 degrees. These drivers are designed to be used in wet areas which would explain why they aren’t vented or actively cooled but I hate hot electronics. It is a pet peeve of mine. I also believe that excess heat will reduce the efficiency and lifespan of any device. I know for a fact that heat = resistance in an electrical circuit.

I started researching options and came across the AC Infinity Axial series of fans. I purchased the one in the picture (Axial 1238) and mounted it on top of NX Top 5 pcs aluminum heatsink (on Amazon). Sorry don’t know how to link product pictures. I used some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste under the heat sinks and now the driver is barely warm to the touch. I am estimating around 85 to maybe 90 degrees.

The heatsinks listed above are approximately 4" long by 1" wide. Using 4 of them covered 90% of the driver.

I have ordered a different fan with a speed controller so I can cut down on the noise and watts. The one I have is overkill. I will repurpose it somewhere else. I have ordered the Axial S1225 and will update this post when I receive it.

I am not doing this to reduce heat in the grow room as I know you can remote mount drivers. Even if yours is remote mounted, if you have a dislike of hot electronics this is a perfect way to keep your driver nice and cool.


I was wondering if I would get any comment on this. I guess most people aren’t worried about the heat of their driver. Maybe I got a bad one because it is definitely too hot without some cooling.

I hooked up the S1225 fan today and it is much quieter. Running it on high is still keeping the driver warm to the touch, but not as cool as the bigger fan. I am experimenting with different speeds to see if I can keep it moderately cool on about 1/2 speed.

These are awesome little fans. I am surprised at the quality. They are all metal and have dual bearings rated at around 60K hours. They feel much better quality than your typical computer CPU fan.

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Drivers run hot. LoL and they are actually manageable temps compared to non led lights.

I wonder if a small frying pan mounted on it with an egg would produce a meal…

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@smokysmurf I’m just reading your post and agree, those drivers are super hot. Good shout with the heatsinks. Going to have to fo something like that myself

Is wiring the driver to be outside of the tent also a possibility? Remove the heat source from the tent to then have the ability to manage the heat it generates externally.

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The heat in my tent is near enough so the issue for me is the driver running so hot. I have an infrared thermometer there, I will check the driver temp later on. I have sourced a 200x86 heatsink. Just need to measure the driver size before I order

Just checked the driver temp and it’s sitting at 142 F :scream:

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That’s about what I figured. That’s pretty hot.

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So, I can get two heatsinks 200x90 plus conductive paste and a 240v fan all in for £50

Remote the MW Driver several feet away from the heat[sink]; outside the tent being preferred…

This not an area ie electrical wiring that I have any expertise (far from it). However I am doing a DIY supplemental light for my tent. The driver and potentiometer will be placed outside the tent. The driver will be affixed to a solid surface with proper fireproofing between the driver and any flammable surface.

@smokysmurf… Hey bro, this is what I did on mine a few months ago…
Raise the fan up to the clips crossways or corner to corner, then use 2 small tie wraps/zip ties, and connect 2 corners through each hole to the cables. You’ll get A LOT MORE air flow, and it will also cover the LED heat sink better. My driver runs so cool this way, that I can lay my bare forearm on it, and leave it all day. I’m using a 110 volt fan on mine, cuz most 12 volt just don’t have high rpm’s for high air flow.

I can’t visualize what you’re saying. Do you have a picture? The fan I’m using is 110 volt. They move a lot of air.

@smokysmurf I felt the same way about the drivers on my mars hydro, but I have a 16" oscillating fan the blows right on to the top of the light and plants at the same time. Gives the mars light a slight shake too as it turns, well at least when I have the light a little higher, the fan nudges the light.

@smokysmurf I got two of the 260’s today and I thought they were pretty warm as well. So I put these fans on top of the drivers. They are from ac infinity as well. Very quiet and push a lot of air for being so small. I use them on my racks to grow microgreens. I think this model works great.

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Do it like THIS! The way that you have the fan sitting down on the driver, is kinda like putting your hand over your mouth, and trying to blow a volume of air out of your mouth.
Trust me, this will be a BIG improvement.


I am using my fan to “pull” air, and therefore heat, away from my driver. I think you would be surprised if you mounted a few heat sinks on top of your driver and mounted like I did.

My driver runs cool just from tent fan blowing across it.
Ouch…I was wrong… lmao

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I am doing this tom when I wake up!!! Great idea!!! :+1::+1:

@smokysmurf did you get the new fan you ordered yet ?
I’m wondering if fan is mounted sideways to blow across it and aimed somewhat towards tent exhaust if it would help.