Check these little soldiers out

These two pics were taken on day two of being out of the soil and these next pics are from today day three i dont know what is going on but there growing so big over night


Definitely a :muscle: start buddy

Looking good.

Is that clover in the bigger pot?

Im shocked at how much growing there done over night all i have done is i mixed worm castings in the soil in the cup and ive been watering with XLR8 metabolic booster from nimbin nutrients Australia

Ive been mixing this in my water two to three mls to 10ltrs of water i have a ten ltr bucket that i keep my water in that ten ltrs thats for two weeks

Coming up strong. Like the smart idea about putting solo cup in the final pot. I do that with my 1 gal. pot

It saves it tipping over and gets the hole ready for transplant

Yah i clover as a cover crop

I’ve heard organic growers use it for nitrogen too. I have no idea how clover promotes nitrogen, but they swear by it.

Yah ibe been watching a you tube channel called builder soil they talk about cover crops thats where i got the idea from

Now I can’t remember how but it’s a great cover crop for fields to help get nitrogen back up. Very few plants can do that.

Clover is full of nitrogen it will become fertilizer to my plant cause i have live worms in my pots so the worms will eat the clover when it dies

Here ya go…
Nitrogen is accumulated in small nodules on the roots of clover as they grow. When the roots die, nitrogen is released into the soil for other plants to use. Perennial clovers release nitrogen when they are mowed, because a portion of the root system dies off when the plants are cut.

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I’m prepping to lay 4 acres of it this spring, I should remember these thing :upside_down_face:

This is the first time im trying it i will see how it goes

Hey guys yous seen the pics i posted yesterday of my seedlings yah now have a look at them this is growth from last night

There growing at a fast rate

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