Check out what i made


I made some concentrate using MZ12x organic solvent. Check out my results The really dark stuff is my very first run ever and after i talked with some experts the wax on the right is the more recent run. @Justgrowin @raustin @dbrn32 @anon35207245


Very nice!


How’d you do it


Sweet, good work


I got a starter kit from best value vacs and i had to talk with experts from mz12x about how to fix getting really dark product. I loved the end result the best dabs i have ever had none of that butane taste and yes what a lot of people think are terps are actually butane residue left in the product after the purge. Amazing product and results. Both are good its just the dark stuff is estedicts the taste is good and very terpy just dark. The left is some Master Kush and the Right is some Larry OG and delish.


Looks awesome. Is that kit a press or chemical? U mentioned butane just wondering if that’s the process u r using?


Looks absolutely disgusting. You should give that all to me. I’ll toss it out for you :laughing::joy:


The stuff he uses is methane based rather than butane based.

It is SLIGHTLY safer than using butane due to flash and self-ignition temperatures but, in reality, will still blow your windows out, along with the walls, if not used CAREFULLY in a well ventilated room as the LEL and UEL range is wider than with butane (that means you can have a higher concentration of methane in a closed space before the levels reach the point where there is too much saturation to allow an explosive atmosphere).

You want to be breathing in something that’s over 90% methane, aka a monster fart, that’s up to you.


HAHA Yes it is methane based product but they took all the fart stuff out in the 12x refining LOL Seriously has no smell or taste i dont like Butane i seem to be always able to taste it in the end product. @Justgrowin this is just a different solvent threw a open blast column its colder then butane so seems that if you dont use a shower head or buffer in the top of the blast tube you end up with really dark results The plant material ends up in your oil so it comes out either green or dark


So it’s effectively odorless?


yes it has no smell what so ever. The oil tho does smell exactly like the flower you run I have run 2 different strains 1 master kush and 1 larry og and both smelled exactly like the flowers they came from. I am very happy with the results (after i learned the correct way to extract and it is a little different from Butane or Propane) 1 complaint is this Coriander or cilantro are very high in the terp humulene and this particular terpene tastes like soap to me and it just happens that master kush also has a high humulene terp content so it also had this soapy taste to me. Its something to do with like 10% of the population tastes soap in cilantro. Mind you that my daughter and some friends don’t taste the soap so its not the product its the terp that tastes like soap to me. The larry og just tasted like larry og. i want to run a tangie this weekend but i am scared about over potent orange product.


Then it’s riskier than using butane as you will not know if concentrations are high enough in any sort of enclosed space to reduce the available oxygen you need to breathe. If you are lucky, you’ll start to get a headache which is the moment where the only option is to get the eff out of there or die.

Be VERY aware of the dangers of using such a substance, as you do not need much exposure to face consequences.


I see your point I only blast outside


Just for information purposes, should anyone wish to use the same MZ12x or a similar methane based product, or just wish to know the symptoms of methane exposure as I do believe it is used as an “alternative” to CFC refrigerants (R-50 is methane, as an example), then this may be useful.


Thank you i never thought of this type of danger i looked at it from the explosion pov Thank you for this information. as always @anon35207245 you help me thanks again :slight_smile:


I spent too many years working in petrochem environments, that sort of thing gets drilled into you when you’re in that sort of environment as there are so many potential exposure hazards you have to be on your toes permanently.


I want to say hank you for posting that link
Its good material
And good advice
When using any chemicals to extract we need to be extra cautious imho
Thanks again


I am really glad you pointed this out no one ever mentions the dangers of exposure to these type of products i had no idea i always blast outside so now i know about methane exposure or butane for that matter. Thanks again :slight_smile:


As far as I am concerned, we are all here to help each other when we can. Some people know more about things like lighting, others are better on grow mediums, I’m just passing on knowledge to help ensure people get their medication/fun in the manner we all want.



I agree @anon35207245
And appreciate all of those who approach our community with that type of thinking
We can always help out some how :+1: