Check out this BUD!

This is a Big Bud Auto, I got the seed from my last grow so I only have one auto but this bud is really nice, this is day 34 so it is gonna get even bigger lol



That isn’t even close to as big as it is going to be lol. Great job! How far along is she? NVM just saw the first post. Keep her healthy!

Hence the name. Enter BOM

Yeah, this is my second grow ever, I grew four big bud autos last time and ended up with 6.5 z’s, I found four seeds and this big bud is the one seed that popped out of those four seeds, last grow I didn’t have a PH tester but this time I have been PH’ing the water and it I can definitely see the difference, I am also growing pineapple crush regular this grow, I just sexed them and have five girls growing next to the big bud auto