Check out this Banana Kush Auto I got from ILGM

Is this how all Banana Kush looks while growing?
(Seems crazy exotic to me).
But I have no idea what I’m doing and no experience.
I just love it,…wondering if it is normal for BK?
(Second grow ever).

Thanks -Dave


I’m currently growing BK auto too! But my plant looks so different.

How old is yours?

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This plant looks as if it has a slight deficiency going on with her. I suck at picking out which is which but somethings the matter with her. Maybe why she is not coloring like the other bk is. @CMichGrower @MidwestGuy @yoshi @Nicky may be able to let ya know. Good luck to both

These are autos right ? The big one looks like it’s going into bloom , what ph and what ppm is you water and feedings ? What nutrients ? Fill out a support ticket so we can narrow down the issues !

Mine are autos (the eggplant coldest ones)

I’m not at all concerned about Their health, (I’m quite positive they are doing great)

I have simply never seen this color in a picture or marijuana before,… and wanted to check with some folks with more experience if this was a rarity.

Ph always 6.5

I never check run off as I water and remove water differently from other growers.

Always using a small vet-dry vac to forcibly suck water directly from the base of my fabric pots.

After momentarily flooding their pan/saucer with nutrients and /or water

I also never pour any type of food/nutrients over my roots.

I hope that makes sense (why my run off wouldn’t really tell a story).

@UGrowGIRL I think you’re lights panels can be a bit close are super intense ? Are the tips clawing up a bit ?

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@yoshi yes, they are a smidge. What heights would you recommend for the big girl? She’s at day 53 and flowering.

What height is recommended and what height you running , maybe split that difference , are go up at least 12 inches from where you are and give it about a week cause those lights are brutally intense is what she saying , I’m hot but if your light is that intense it’s a sweet spot in height your plants will thrive in due it’s spec , I cannot call that , I suggestion you experiment with it but if you see the tips clawing it’s to close , you used to could used the back of your hand but less don’t really emit to much heat now that will warm the skin , I know osrams did and some uv diodes but these new lights I’m a dinosaur to at this point , I’m re-learnung trying to read on my next purchased. But once you find that spot you will notice a big difference !