Check out the Trichromes-Day 28 flower

Thoughts now friends…! They are smoking.



Good looking grow …can’t wait to see this stage .

looking good! Pistils is what I see, you need magnifying glass to see trichomes clearly, (fuzzys) on leaves is the start of some nice trichomes though :relaxed:

You in week ? Of flower ?

Beautiful grow!! Congratulations!!

Chappy … lookin’ good! :smiley:

Dam they look good when do you harvest


Looks like a nice supply of “Meds” :slight_smile:

Week 4. Still a bit to go

Hey will. I’ll harvest in 5 more weeks. Gonna be big buds

I guess so my friend…Dam you did really good and I know you got a feel good about it to. You should…lol
Item going to harvest in two weeks.
I’ll keep you posted


Wow I’m hoping mine get like that. I wish you lived close to me so you could show me first hand lol

Tlkbear don’t panic brother the more you do , the more you learn ? But here is my concept on how I figured things out from Garrigan62 and Latewood and Mac G -Stoner , growing plants is a gradual process in steps , so as virgin woman ? If you approach the plants as young virgins , training them you have to do things gradually . If you veg a plant properly to a matter of height , instead of weeks , and feed them in quarter measurements slowly gradually raising the feeding nutrients a quarter at a time , you will get great response of vigorous growth , and with training , scrogging , mainlining , and LST training , and trimming rightfully , you can get great results with 2 plants finishing with 8-16 colas each . But keep a chart of do’s and don’t with individual strains , and before you know it you will have a better understanding for each plant . Some hybrids are more moderate than others , and some are almost to easy . I think the cloning process gives you a more sea of green growing technique that saves vegging time for each seedling . Now you gone have bumps in the road at times , but if you catch them early , with the love of growing around the forum or the 2 personnel guys , it can be fix pretty smoothly . Trust me buddy , you will get there .