Check out my XL kush auto

This is my XL kush auto its a beast i love dark wizard genetics there autos are amazing


Love the drain pan!

Yah its good and inside the drain pan is a plastic ring with feet on it there pots risers

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I’m going to use your idea. Auto Tech for 45 years, should have know

I love the spout on the drain pan it makes for easy drainage and less mess and plus when i get my self watering bags done those risers and pans will become my reservoir for my self watering grow bags

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Hey Aussie how’re you my brother :pray:
That’s lookin good and your plan sounds great :+1:. My red super skunk auto is just starting her 6th week of flower and covered in frost from top to bottom … she’s my personal best plant so far… the smell is crazy awesome she looks great and starting to put on some plump hard nugs…


Brother ur killing it ,it looks amazing congrats u should be extremely happy


im packing my bags and omw​:joy::joy::joy:… seriously yall be growing some amazing looking ladies

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Thanks Aussie i appreciate your kind words :pray: Here’s my banana kush auto in her 2nd week.


Nice plant nice and healthy

Thank you my brother you have a good day

I have a problem this xl kush auto is going nuts its taking over my tent my photo hasnt got much room

Hey guys my XL kush auto is doing great its stacking up nice and tight let me know what you think @anon1893985 @Newt @MidwestGuy

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Man i really like that 1st pic the colors are so pretty :heart_eyes: my girl has that same color

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Man ur plants look great i bet those nugs are dence u have done a great job with them brother im now a tester for a aussie breeder i have five new strains to test and there regular autoflower seeds aswell

That’s great news my brother :pray::muscle::100: how can I get a couple good seeds from rhem

Im not sure but here are the strains


Thanks Newt she is pretty alright and so is my blue widow photoperiod she is beautiful

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Cant wait to see her finish. Looks deliscious

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