Check Out My Grow! GG4 ILGM 🌿

Hey Guys!

Since you have been so helpful along the way and guided me through my first grow, I wanted to update you on how it’s going and share my grow with the community.

The plant is doing a lot better after the transplant. The burnt leaves are gone, so are the yellow edges. Turned out it was root bound. Thanks @elheffe702, as you said it was time to transplant. I couldn’t tell because this plant is so short and bushy.
I also started feeding cal-mag cause I learned that purified water will cause yellow patches since the plant wont get some of the nutrients it needs from water.

I would appreciate some feed back if you would on how you think my plant is doing. It still has some yellowing on the inner leaves and the branches feel a bit skinny. It’s bushy and full of leaves but thin and bendy with red stems.

I switched to flower just last week after about 7 weeks of veg. It’s been topped three times :joy: …it was an accident(s)…
Soil is Subcool’s recipe on the bottom half (thanks @garrigan62 for the recipe), Ocean Forest top half in a 10 gal fabric pot.
I feed compost tea once a week (compost, casting, flower girl, fishbone, humic acid, urb, molasses, seaweed extract, cal-mag) and I water with a mix of seaweed and molasses once a week as well, Ph 6.3.

  • Strain: GG4 by ILGM first week of flower
  • Method: Organic, ocean forest / Subcool super soil
  • Vessels: 10Gal fabric pot
  • PH of Water: 6.3 in, not sure about the runoff
  • PPM/TDS or EC N/A
  • Indoor 3x3 tent
  • Light system LED 260w ~ 21” above
  • Temps; Day 81, Night 74
  • Humidity; Day 45%, Night 50%
  • Ventilation system; Yes
  • AC Yes, Humidifier Yes
  • Co2; No

@Myfriendis410 @elheffe702 @Mrcrabs @garrigan62 @primus @Budbrother

Thank you in advance for your input!


Looking good and thanks for the tag smilie_s5

Can you elaborate on the LED more? Why did you switch to flowering before filling screen mostly to the edges?


No worries @Budbrother
How do you mean? You think it needed more time to grow?
I just switched cause I thought it had been a long time in veg (about 8 weeks)
My LED is a mainstream Chinese one from amazon. That’s all my budget allowed, it was $120. Advertised as 1500 w but it’s 260 from the wall, it had the best reviews and most power compared to other ones. It had two switches for veg and bloom but since my seedling was becoming leggy I just switched both on from the get go.


Usually one would fill the screen almost to the edge before flipping. Then use the stretch to finish filling out the screen, and allow for some upward growth of the tops before the stretch completes.


Yeah most people flip both on from the get go because they’re not that powerful


See I didn’t know that :neutral_face:
I’m a total newbie :joy: … good to know though, I’ll keep in mind next time.

Each grow we learn from and make improvements to the next. That’s why every grow gets better and better. You’re in the right place for help my friend. Glad to have you here. I’m always a tag away.


This plant is so short! I don’t know why but it’s a tiny bush. It just wouldn’t stretch. It grows wide but not tall. Even before topping it was pretty much the same. It took forever to look like this!

Thank you for the support! I’m glad to be here. I can always appreciate good friends :pray:

I wouldn’t worry too much about how tall your plant is. I have been told that depending on the genetics she could double even triple during flower.
Low Ryder by ILGM, says it will only get 18” tall.
My girl at 87 days… 3 days into flower


Looking really good!
I actually want to trim the lower leaves a bit more, I did some of the bottom ones but then chickened out. Your plant looks nice and clean. I’m gonna use that as a model to how much I should trim. I worry that I do too much :laughing:
I think it’s genetics too, this plant also has red stems which I read is from cal deficiency but I have been feeding it cal mag and it’s still the same. The leaves are also very dark green, and it does not grow symmetrically like other plants.
I looked at some grow journals of the ILGM gg4 and they look the same as mine.
I like to hear other’s opinions though. More eyes means more of a chance to correct a problem before its late :eyes:
Thanks for replying.

Red or purple petioles is phosphorus def not calcium. IMO they just happen under blurple leds, and some times it’s just genetics.

Never take more than 30% a week or can cause plant to stress out and hermie.

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Phosphorus? Do you have an organic nutrient recommendation? Right now I do compost tea with flowergirl once a week plus seaweed (kelp extract)
I’m open to try stuff, might end up learning something.

More than 30% of the leaves you mean? Ok, I think this week I already did trim 30%. It did stun the plant for a couple of days.

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Wow I think you are correct, my leaves looked like this before I transplanted. At the time I was using ocean forest only.
Spot on man! Thank you! This whole time I couldn’t figure out what was wrong…

No problem friend. As for P there is fish bone meal. You can add to soil or add into teas. I also use guano teas, from time to time, for immediate uptake. Both are also in my soil mix. There are plenty of other options out there. Down to Earth - BioLive is an all around great choice to top pots and use in soil mix. I recently started topping pots with Coast of Maine Stonington Blend once a month. It’s also part of my tea brews. Hope this help.

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@zparkie2 has a great example of the pink or purple on leaves.

It was also a bit N def as well, but it was his first grow. He’s progressing nicely now.

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Red stems don’t always mean it’s a deficiency. Could just be genetics

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That’s what I read as well. But my plant had leaves exactly like that picture. I had no idea what it was. Dark, brown twisted and crispy, all lower leaves not the new growth. I made a post about it back then, people told me it was nutrition burn because of ocean forest. But I think it might have been K deficiency. Either way the bad leaves are gone now so I’m happy but the stems are still red.

Im gonna look into that stuff. I know down to earth and General Organics but not much else. There is a wold of options out there and its easy to get wrapped up and spend a lot of money.

I’m a budget grower, so I understand we’ll.

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