Check Out First grow 😤

First time grower any help/advice is greatly appreciated :love_you_gesture:t4:

Planted sprout in soil 9/21
2- poped out the ground 9/25 1- poped 9/27 :seedling:

•Strain - Gorilla Glue Fem - ILGM

•Soil in 3gal pots - Fox Farm Ocean Forest using Fox Farm Trio

•PH of runoff - under 5.0

•PH of nutrient mix - 6.0-6.5 (using distilled water)

•What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS - currently i dont test for these because i use half the recommended dose. Should i test anyways ?

•Indoor grow tent - 2x2x4

•Light system, size - Vipar Spectra 300W LED

•Temps; Day - 78-82° Night - 70-72°

•Humidity; Day - 40-45% Night - 55-60%

•Ventilation system; Yes - 6in inline duct fan exhausting air, small humidifier, two 6in clip on fans one facing light one facing plants

I water when soil gets dry usually every two three days for 1&2 but 3 usually takes 4-5days to dry up.

(I Water till some comes out the bottom)

(The numbers of the plants will correspond with photos)



They look great so far! Happy n healthy but it is a good habit to keep an eye on your PH in for your soil sweet spot is 6.5 and keeping track of your PPM going in as well.


You are gonna run out of room fast. My tent is about the same size and i can only raise one at a time. But they look very happy. Do u plan on keeping them small some how? Lst, topping??


Yes the smaller i can keep them the better. All three have been topped already. About a week ago. Definitely want to lst


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thanks will be getting a ppm meter soon :fist:t4:

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As long as you keep track of parts per million in your feed you cut out a lot of potential for over Feeding
a small investment to prevent big problems.
Some food for thought

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Plants are looking great! Will you be training them in any way? Transferring into bigger pots?

Just put that order in and caught up on some knowledge about ppm. Thanks :call_me_hand:t4:

I transferd a few weeks ago. Should i again? I was thinking these would be my final pots. Too small?

Been looking into lst might go that route

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I keep my girls in 5 gallons but have considered going bigger. I guess it all depends how long you want to veg for but a bigger pot could only benefit you👍

Looking good so far…:+1::+1::+1:

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Topping is actually going to make your plants larger so be careful! It looks like you’re going to end up with some big girls so do yourself a big favor and keep up on your defoliation and consider lollipopping! You may also want to think about using yoyo’s or something similar to tie your ladies down and retain an even canopy, which will yield you larger buds. However, you need room for that.
Watch your nighttime humidity! Powdery mildew loves those temps and those humidity levels especially in a crowded space with juicy, leafy plants like yours. Consider running a DEhumidifier in the evening if you have a hard time controlling your humidity. You do not want a mildew problem. It spreads like pollen and then you have to clean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. (been there bro. it sucks)
With all of that said, those look like beautiful young ladies for your first grow.


@Drinkslinger @MattyBear

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