Check my Trichs

Would you say that the trichs are developing or that they fell off? I can see some cloudy ones here and there on other parts but none has amber yet.


Looking good, I’d say. I’d give them a couple more days to amber up

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Need more than one pic.
Seems most pistils have turned do that’s a mature sign.

So yeah bud tricombs let’s see em

Will try to post more tomorrow. And what did you mean to say “… have turned do…”?

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Yeah will do. And to answer my question " are they developing or did the heads fall off"? Need to know if I have to alter my grow place in anyway.

@Hellraiser feel free to chime in on this as well

Lookin alright to me they about done no?

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Pistils have turned, they arnt clear/white and thus its a sign of maturity.

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And yes I agree they look done but going off one tricomb pic is hard.

Maybe ur closing in on ur last couple weeks if u feel u are ripeneing trics only start you 10 day flush with some final flush or slf 100 for last waterand sharoen you knifes and get you scisors ready

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These first three are from the flower

This last one is the sugar leaf. I know it will amber up faster than the flower itself.

With these pics do you think now I can have an answer to my original question? Which was:

Did the head of the Trichomes fall off from their stalks or were the heads only just developing?

Mostly cloudy a little bit of clear, I would toss into two days of darkness and chop it after that.

As for your original question it’s hard to say exactly but I would guess the most probable answer is that they didn’t develop into what you are expecting.
Now that could be because they are actually a different cabanoid tricomb, not all look the exact same and have mushroom heads (to my understanding).
There is a possibility you bumped the plant when moving it around since flower and it broke off but less likely.
They fall off themselves when they are over mature and yours arnt there yet.

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I rememeber it was the russian blue forever

Never look atleaf trucs the always amber furst u can do a on the plant trim and allow light to getnin more sabmve your trip look at all the dope on em bubble hash butter perfect… Then your bracts ( calyxys) (( buds)) will rupen up quicker


British shorthair!

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