Check my trichomes, again?

I’m definitely seeing some amber, but a lot of clear as well. Once again, if someone could give me an idea of how close these are. This site has been AMAZINGLY helpful. Thank you to all who took the time to respond. These plants are in the middle of week 9 of flower.

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You need to check the buds not the leave.

Those look like bud pics. Just a small piece of the bud

I’m seeing clear and amber as well, but I suck at this part. Do you have a pic of the whole plant? Or the whole bud?

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Try not to touch the plant. Looks good. Happy Growing I see the same from the pic

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Was the piece cut off? It seems to be sticking out awfully far. I am high tho so that might be the reason.

Most likely cut a piece off. People do that so they can take a steady pic using a tripod or something

I got one of those digital microscope that plugs into your phone. Pretty slick less than 30. And I can see them great.

Yes, I snipped off a tiny piece of bud to take these pics.

These are the plants.


@imSICKkid @AAA @kaptain3d

Can one of you guys help out here. I suck at this part :rofl:

Hard to tell… I agree with you for the trichomes pictures… and the other pictures are a bit too blurry for my old eyes. A complete cola from up close would help pinpoint the ripeness… :nerd_face:


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If they were mine, I would flush now and harvest.
What do you think @PurpNGold74, @Covertgrower, @Hoppiefrog or any of our friends? :thinking:


Had to tell by the clarity of the picture. How long have they been in flower?




Right on. By flush you mean…? Because I flushed them almost 2 weeks ago and they’ve been on nothing but water since.


Since you flushed two weeks ago n nothing but water…you could harvest anytime now.

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Trichomes will tell you when they’re ready. Leaves usually start turning yellow due to nutes being sucked out of them.


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Thanks to every one who helped with my questions! Here is the end result of my first ever grow. 4 plants. 2 Gelato, 2 GG4. 22 weeks from seed to harvest. 12 weeks in flower. Grown in a 4×4 tent with a Mars Hydro TS3000. (650 watts?) Fed regularly with recommended dosages of Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, watered with pH balanced water, and grown in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. LST including bending, and topped 3 times. What did I forget? Anyway… total harvest of 282 grams of bud and 74 grams of trichome heavy trim. I couldn’t be happier. Going to try autoflower next. 6 plants this time, different soil, mycorrhizae additive, 1/2 the notes, and screen of green trellis netting. Any helpful advice in my new undertaking is appreciated and encouraged! Thanks again, all of you.