Check my plant out

I like them I think they look fantastic what strain is it

There is 3 of them they are the colorful mix pack. Purple Haze Blue Haze and Super Silver Haze. @Coonass

Yesterday was start of week 5 since flip

They lookin good :muscle::100:

So one on my plants Hermied ( Blue Haze ) pollinated my other plants :face_with_peeking_eye: because I was late to catch the herming. I plan to grow the plant out as it’s only 1/2 through flowering! Worst thing is smoke will be lower grade but in the case it’s not strong I’ll use it to make a concentrate if need be. 90% of growers would probably be upset be I’m not still it’s giving me experience in growing and the buds are extremely smelly one smells like lemons one smells like blueberries and one smell like just a funky smell ( not a bad funk like a good smell )

I have read it and heard it so many times hermies beget hermies. And I’m going to test this eventually. Probably won’t be for awhile as my current grow will be done around nov 4thish ( hoping at least one is done anyways, and if not oh well I shall survive :joy: ) which will give me 20 days to dry and cure it somewhat so I can test it out!

Reason i say 20 days is because after 24th ( thanksgiving ) I am going to stop smoking for a while due to me wanting to obtain my cdl a and I would rather just be clean then be caught trying to pass fake piss or the such. ( then have to wait a year or so before I can apply again if caught )

At the end of the grow I plan to have my mom take over the growing. She knows nothing about plants other then they need water :rofl: . She said what if I mess up? Well I got 7 seeds of 3 different seeds strains and 15 autoflower seeds left so I told her I wanted 5 lbs of weed by 5 yrs end :joy: .

I won’t be applying until March of 2023 but as I said I want to be clean and I figure if she takes over from end of current grow that would give her enough time to get one grow under her belt while I’m here and can guide her as best I can.

I told my family my plans last night and they all laughed! They said the guy who got weed growing says he is stopping :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . I quickly reminded them just because I’m stopping temporarily don’t mean I won’t smoke ever again in my life and if I’m not smoking and it’s growing I’ll build up a stockpile much faster!

I appreciate everyone here who has helped me and even those who don’t know they helped ( reading their post ) I don’t plan to stop coming here either I want to further my knowledge even on my off season :joy: . Anyways any thoughts or opinions about anything on my post is welcome be it good/bad!

If you make it through the CDL phase, do not post anything on social media about weed. I have had several friends here in Denver lose jobs because they posted something on facebook or twitter about it even though it is 100% legal here. Good luck Bro!!

@Bonjoyle i don’t use any social media :joy: . This forum and a few mobile online games I play is the closest thing to it! Also thanks man :pray:

Me too. I only use this forum. Never had IG, Twitter or one other. Found my daughter on Facebook, it was useful for that but canceled it once we met. She never even heard my name til she was 12. Gotta love the ex-wife. Found her at 17 now shes 29 and my wife and i have full custody of my 9 year old gbaby. The ex really f’d up my daughter and the cycle continued with izzy so we stepped in to interrupt the cycle. Life is weird and wonderful.