Check my plant out

This Friday will be 7 weeks @Flitme

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They are looking really good. Mine are going on 8 weeks this coming Saturday but they don’t have that many pistols turning brown. :blush::v:
Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

Gold Leaf

@Flitme these are autos :joy: . Seems to be closing in on her end

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What’s your DLI at and what’s your VPD? (hes/humidity)

Fox tails can be hard to find as it’s both environmental and genetic conditions that effect foxtailing.

Do you think it’s foxtailing?

Most plants flower for 8-10 weeks in my experience

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No they are photo

@Flitme :joy: I was saying mine was autos :crazy_face:

@Nicky idk if it’s foxtailing :joy::man_shrugging: Dli is around 30 for the most part. This auto is at its 7th week Friday. As for vpd idk.

Got my stuff for my wash got my jars clean got my cardboard box ready basically just waiting till I see some amber as a lot of cloudy going on!

One thing that’s throwing me off is that a week ago 50-60% hairs were orange now this week she’s all white hairs again. They are coming out of everywhere! This is why I was wondering if it was foxtailing on the tops or is this normal?

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What’s your max temp

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I want to say 81. My hygrometer is broken or something! Last night it read 80% humidity and 79 degrees which I know for a fact it wasn’t. I have it around 65-68 in the room my tent is in.

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So took my auto out of my tent and put my photoperiods in and over the course of about 4-5 days I supercropped them all to the net. After about 90 mins of cleaning up underneath and moving things I got it pretty good I think! Got about 20 viable clone off the 3 plants. 3 SSH, 6 PH and 11 BH. :joy: now struggling to find things to put them in to start and really just hoping 1 of each takes.

All 3 were around 18-24 inches tall. Now they are in the 8-11 inch range :joy::man_shrugging: . Figure this may be the best way to maximize my underpowered light! I don’t have any recent pictures of them before I supercropped but I have a before 5 days after supercrop and after today after cleaning underneath.



Plan to flip them on the 22nd or the 29th

So she is still throwing new pistols like everyday!! Wondering if this plant is done or still fattening up? Here’s a few pictures

Any input is appreciated @Coonass @Dave101 @beachglass @Aussie_autos @Flitme @Nicky

Can’t get trichomes pictures as hard to hold the phone/scope together! This Friday will be week 12


We would have to see it up close and personal through a jeweler’s loop or something to be able to tell for sure…

Your temp in the tent is going to be significantly warmer then the room tent due to the lights. However 79f is ideal.
Your humidity is to highz are you venting to the house or outside world? If your not venting out a window or modifed duct then thats an issue.

Your sure the DLI is 30? I would double check that.

How many weeks are you into flower? How long did you veg for before going to 12/12 or is this an auto I forget.

Genetics can play a massive role and its possible you got unlucky but I’m not convinced yet… So let me know the answers to those questions and I can guide you further.

Ok I recently started venting my exhaust out through my ceiling, last week humidity was super unstable! I’m venting into a drop ceiling gap.

I have been tinkering with my light as I have decided to flip my 3 photos to 12/12 starting today, after done tinkering I’ve got dli at 15 then 8 inches further out it’s 10 then another 8 inches it’s at 5. I took it out of my tent because my photos were just getting to big so I put them in 2 weeks ago when I seen like 70% or so brown hairs. The plant in question is a white widow auto. She is at 8 weeks flowering 12 weeks overall age. Main reason for removing was she was looking done, but now she’s just throwing so many new pistols. I think regardless I will be harvesting her either on her 13th week or between 13-14 whenever I have the time.


This is a problem, you really need to vent outside.
The humidity builds up and can cause mold growth from warm hot humid air that is dangerous to your health and it can destroy the house.
The other issue is the grow tent is pushing out oxygen rich air, your plants want c02 so when you circulate indoor air the plants struggle to breath once you have a couple decent sized ones circulating air for a couple hours.

However I’m not sure why your plants throwing new pistils… At this point ide just chop it and try to slow dry and cure it.
If it’s to harsh due to the pistils then turn it into mtc oil that you can make gummies with

Yea I figured it wouldn’t bode well but it will have to work for a little bit while I decide how to correct the venting :grimacing::joy: . I expect to have it fixed sometime this month.

So after looking on Amazon I think I can set it up to exhaust from one side of my ac but need to get measurements before I chose what to use but i have a 8a-8p off as that is almost my work schedule. Will update on this when fixed!

Well I went ahead and cut it! Got 717g wet :eyes: . I will post the dry weight in around 14 days. Drying environment is going to be at 60-62 and the rh will be 50-60% I think almost too dry at sometimes but hopefully it will be good! Thanks for all you guys giving me advise! Now I’m continuing my photo plants on this post so more to come!

@Coonass @Dave101 @beachglass @Aussie_autos @Flitme @Nicky @Jeff420chef

Here’s a picture of it in its dry box :grimacing:


Congratulations on your harvest. It’s the trophy at the end of the race!! :blush::v:

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Oh yeah she’s a beauty hanging down with all that nastified goodness runnin through her veins :muscle::100:


Thank you guys :pray: