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That’s exactly what brought me into growing. Housing market might as well hand you a tent and supplies for how much they wanna screw people :rofl: I’ll be honest my first indoor grow was filled with anxiety and concern, only for it to turn out awesome! These plants are super hardy and really hard to hurt. It only gets better as time goes on!

Yea I actually have 3 other plants going which are photos. I’m mainly focused on this auto for now. The other ones have their ups and downs but I figure I’ll flip them to 12/12 when this auto has about 1 week or so left so that way I will be enjoying Xmas buds. As I’ll have around 17 weeks to Xmas by that time. And I have purple, blue, and super silver all going. Silver has not liked my growing methods at all but she’s slowly getting better. My blue wasn’t looking the best but after the last feed it’s done 100% better. And my purple well it just won’t stop growing it seems to love anything I’ve thrown at it. Snapped the stock twice already trying to lst her. And luckily all of them have 8-10 week flowers so by having 17 weeks I have plenty of wiggle room for dry and cure. Atleast im assuming :joy:. And yea I wish they had thrown in a grow room. Either way it’s all a learning process even if it fails!

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I believe that the leaves that badly damaged will not come back from wind burn or light burn i believe that most people would trim those leaves .me personally i would trim off the real badly damaged leaves and then let the new leaves come in thats what i would do .i forgot to ask you whats ur RH in ur tent

@Aussie_autos rh is 40-50% during the day and after doing some rearranging I’ve managed to get it down to 70% at night. Will have to check again tomorrow to see how consistent it is

Ok kool ur RH is good

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It’s grown 4 or so more inches in the last 3 or so days. I opted to not remove the leaves that have the serrated edges facing down. Got to learn somehow! Plus I feel like even though the edges are not present that isn’t stopping them from doing their part? Maybe I’m wrong?

I believe it’s been 10 days since I started flower nutes. Not sure if this is good progress or not :joy:. Here’s a pic of the tallest branch. Probably should have done more lst but I was afraid to break the branches even when they were young. Any input is appreciated be it good/bad

@MrPeat dont let that new guy get to you there are new growers such as myself who welcome all knowledge even if it’s not what I want to hear. I didn’t join this forum to cry or brag or downgrade another member for their post! I joined because we all have the same goal and with combined knowledge we learn to avoid others mistakes or sometimes follow them into the pit :joy:. I don’t expect you to respond to this but I appreciate yours and anyones help. Good/bad​:+1:t2:

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She looks beautiful and healthy, like others have said, she doesn’t need any training now. Looking forward for your grow! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Thanks I appreciate your input :grin: @HYPHOTONFLUX

Question my auto keeps getting bigger! The problem is running out of room. I’ve read about super cropping but is it advised to do so for autos? If so could I take my net and set it to the level I want and super crop them over and tie down to the net?

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@Coonass @Dave101 @Aussie_autos @Jeff420chef @Flitme @MrPeat

If anyone could advise me I would appreciate it.

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I absolutely do not train. I prefer big, huge bushes. Now on a woman…the opposite. Shaved not furred. Sorry…just had to add some humor.

I think @nicky is the in house master on Autos.

I do know Autos is on a strict schedule so training can stall the plant and help reduce overall haul. I also plant my Autos straight into their forever home.


Yea I started her in her forever home. First auto so I don’t know if it can/should be done. I appreciate you taking the time to reply @MrPeat

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You can but just remember they are on a strict timeline you do not control. Now photos is better. As you can control it all and also have time to correct day a deficiency.

From what I know, and how far yours is progressing, you have a small window to try and train the branches more evenly with lst. Make sure to be gentle as any stress during the flower period will stunt your harvest. If you aren’t able to, getting a small light towards the base of the plant has helped me bush out and get larger nuggets!

At this point I’d stay away from supercropping. If it’s needed of course but try to stay away from any heavy stress

Also, sorry for the message blast but around week 3 or 4 of flower the stretch will pretty much stop and it’ll focus mainly on fattening up those buds

This is only the beginning of week 2 :joy:. I will check out and see what I can do lst wise. No worries on the multiple messages. I’m just trying to do what’s best and that’s why I asked for your alls opinions. As always I appreciate any input! @Jeff420chef

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@MrPeat i have 3 photos vegging until this auto is done. Maybe a bad thing :joy: space wise. I plan on getting another tent setup for just my autos. But moneys tight right now so maybe in a month or so.

I’ll say many times that every plant is different genetics blah blah blah, however it’s nice to get ballpark estimates based on other grows. My plant has stopped it’s stretch a few days ago during the beginning of week 3. Yours may stop even sooner! I’ll say your node spacing and growth on day 10 is incredible and she is definitely going to provide some good quality herbs. I noticed during the stretch I’d gain a few inches sometimes in a day, and towards the end it was more like a half an inch. She may just slow for you as well!