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Ok ive done abit of reading and there’s a few things that cause upside down canoeing the first thing is water logged soil ,(2) is root rot (3) is over fertilized ,(4) wind burn and light burn now its going to be hard to know exactly whats causing it but thats all i ive got at this time .is there weird funky dead smell coming from ur pot if there is a weird smell coming from ur soil in ur pot it could be root rot

@Aussie_autos i use fabric pots. I also just went into my room and smelt around the entire pot sides and bottom. Strangely enough I didn’t smell anything! I want to say it wasn’t over fertilized as since I had nitrogen toxicity I have been giving it around 1/4-1/3 of the recommended feed. Water I do about 1/2 gal every 3-5 days I use a 3-way meter for the moisture probe and I also lift the pot every single day. So I’m leaning towards wind/light. I did raise the light about 4-5 inches earlier today after @Coonass suggested light stress. I appreciate you using your time to help. I have raised my fan a small bit so it’s hitting the tops even less. I also added another fan to the room the tent is in it’s about 4ft away on med.

Yah thats no problem light and wind burn was one of the things that could be causing it aswell its a guessing game unfortunately cause theres so many things that can cause it

@Aussie_autos @Flitme @Coonass question. If this was light/wind related would the effects go away or are they there till she’s done?

Not the most advanced grower but it looks like you still have nitrogen toxicity. The tips of the leaves will curl down and your leaves will be a dark green like yours are. I’d say a small flush would help but again this is just from my experience

@Jeff420chef let me ask this. If it was nitrogen toxicity wouldn’t it be the whole plant that was effected? Not just certain area? I appreciate you posting and trying to help. I’m still learning so I’m genuinely wondering.

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I can’t say for sure on that. I know when I had issues it was about 50% of the leaves curling. After a flush she went right back to being healthy

I did have nitrogen toxicity around the plants 3rd week. It took me around 2-3 days to get it figured out and I ended up flushing about 2gal though the pot about 1/2gal at a time with around 10 mins between flushing. I also haven’t gave it any veg nutes for around 2 weeks the last dose of veg I gave it was only 1/4 of the recommended. It started showing flowers on day 18 I basically just gave ph’d water until it was 30 days old then started the flower nutes. It received the last plain ph’d on the 14th and it’s first flower nutes on the 19th. And today it should be about ready for another feed as moisture meter was down to 3 yesterday. @Jeff420chef

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Well I definitely don’t think it would be nitrogen then. Where are your fans located?

@Jeff420chef i only had 1 fan in the tent as it seemed enough to push air around the entire tent. It located between the canopy and light. I did have the light about 8in away until coonass had suggested maybe light related so I raised it to about 12-13in. After a while I ended up raising my fan a tad bit more so it interfered even less with the upper parts of the plant then I added another fan before I went to bed that sits around 4ft away from the tent on med setting. I also have a an exhaust fan but I turned it off last night as I decided to leave the tent open in my room because humidity levels are super high at night.

The room the tent is located in is at a constant 71 and around 40-50 humidity

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I have my fan pointed upwards towards my plant. Here you can see slight curling upwards from wind. General rule of thumb is the leaves will curl with the direction of the wind if the wind is your problem. I’ve also had curling from no reason, and she snaps back out of it after her sleep period. There are tons of growers on here who may have a better idea. I can tag if you would like

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I am open to any input be it positive or negative :joy::man_shrugging:

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@TheChef @Fieldofdreams @dbrn32 @Storm what’s your thoughts?

I’m following! Would love to see how this turns out! Good luck growmie!

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Snap I see you are from Ohio @Jeff420chef ? I also am from Ohio :joy: . Again I appreciate your time man!

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Nw Ohio here! Glad to see the growth reaches my state!

And of course. I’m no advanced grower, but what I’ve picked up in the few years really helps. This forum here by far has been the greatest help for me. Stick around !

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I’m in the Indian lake region. Not sure what part that is. I have smoked for many years but I’m buying my own house so moneys super tight and figure I spend on weed what I spent on the tent/seeds every 3-4 months so why not give it a try worst I can do I learn :joy:

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I plan to stick around. I read many post before I even signed up to join :joy:. In hindsight maybe I should have signed up sooner but nonetheless I’m here now and I’m eager to learn the ways.