Check my plant out

Ok so I bought so wwa from ilgm. The plant had nitrogen toxicity a few weeks ago but I flushed and it’s doing great now but I wanted some others opinions on how it’s looking. This is my first real grow and definitely my first auto. It started showing pre-flower at 18 days old. I started giving it bloom nutes at 30 days old. It’s now 33 days today. My biggest question is does it look ok. I have defoliated it some idk if it’s enough/too much. Anyways you guys are the experts here.

So any advice or any tips in general or any criticism is welcome I guess :joy:


Ur plant looks great i wouldnt do anymore defoliation on it yet you can carefully do some lst training on it but u have be careful doing so as the Branches mite not be so flexible now .But you have done a great job with ur first grow most people either kill there plants with over watering or they over fertilize so i take my hat off to you great job keep it up .


She looks good. Personally id just let her ride, no more defoliation or training.

She’s looking like she’s going to make you happy in da near future :muscle::smoking::dash::dash::partying_face:

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Your lady is looking super. Like everyone else has said you don’t need to do any more defoliation. Keep on keeping on! :blush::v:

Ok thanks guys. I appreciate you taking time to look.

@Aussie_autos i did over fertilizer once! :joy:. When it was about 3 weeks old. I have a purple haze that is a photoperiod fem growing and I almost wasn’t sure that I wasn’t sent an auto as it kept pace with the auto until I had caused nitrogen toxicity​:grimacing:. But I quickly found the cause flushed and got her back on track I thought. @Coonass @Dave101 @Flitme thank you guys as well

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Your lady is going to give you much happiness in the near future.

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I sure hope so I definitely am not growing for the fun although it is enjoyable to watch her grow daily.

This thing has grown so much since I last posted :face_with_peeking_eye: I am hoping it stops stretching soon. Around 5-6 inches in the last 3 days

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Question after looking at my plant for a few mins today I notice around the top half or so have leaves that are curling downwards is this something to worry about?

@Aussie_autos @Dave101 @Flitme @Coonass @beachglass thanks for taking time to look and I appreciate any input.

What’s your light distance and power level… it may be lighting issue…

Power level is 100% has been the entire grow from day 1. It’s about 8 inches from the tallest growth. I also have a fan blowing between the light and fan with very minimal air hitting the tops. I just raised the light about 4-5 inches. @Coonass

Ok just my suggestion bro … it’s the only thing that comes to mind right now… :muscle::beers:


@Coonass i appreciate the input. I was reading it could be light but I’m not experienced enough to know for sure.

What are the temps in your tent?

Your Welcome @DarhkGrows :muscle:

@Flitme the temps are around 73-78 day time and around 65 night. Humidity is around 40-50 day and it sky rockets at night to 70-80. And I know that seems high but i have a fan blowing air around and every day at lights on I always check for moisture on leaves. I’ve only found it one time before I had hooked my ac up to the tent. Which is also my dehumidifier.

Whats ur temps in ur tent im thinking that it maybe a heat stress

73-78 during day @Aussie_autos

Well i dont think its a heat issue then cause ur temps are good i will have a look on the internet about ur leaves i will get back to you shortly