Check my grow, what is the issue?

Hi everyone,

I am not sure what the strain am i growing as a i got an unlabeled seed. I am planting indoor with normal LED lights but my plant is way too skinny and is growing vertically, with having a weak stem all the way from the bottom. My plant is 3 months old now and i really do not understand in what stage or what is exactlly going on right now. please see the images and let me know what you think is going on, and what should i do in returns.

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Looks like she didn’t get enough light. What kind of soil/nutes are you using?


Looks like it’s stretching for light. Also looks like it started to flower. I had one smaller than that start to flower on me. Some girls just can’t wait


Sorry, forgot to ask, what’s your light schedule and what kind of LEDs are you using? Store bought LED bulbs will work in a pinch, but you have to get the highest lumen output you can find and use around 3000k or 3500k spectrum for best results (which won’t be great).


I am trying to maintain a 12/12, i am using a 15w florescent LED lamp, which will be changed today. Other than this, is there anything i can do to enhance the growth and increase the yield? I feel it wont generate much

What do you suggest i do to keep it going and increase my bud size?

12/12 is for flowering. You want to run 16-20 hours of light per day for veg on photo period plants and you need way more light intensity. If you aren’t able to get better lights right now, finishing her outside would be your best bet, if you are able.

ETA: Since she’s already flowering go with 12/12 if you keep her inside, or she will reveg.


Your plant is in the flowering stage so 12/12 is the appropriate schedule…as others have indicated, you need a lot more light, around 150 watts or so for that single plant. Also, when the lights are off there must not be any light sources or leaks. Even the light from a power strip or a pin hole in your tent can cause problems.

It is too late to really get a good yield from this plant, use it as a learning experience. Good luck, you will get something from this plant, just not much.

I am sorry, I forgot…Welcome to the forum @simo758 , we are here to help and to celebrate with you.


There is a good chance that your buds will be much larger and denser with adequate light intensity. If you get adequate lighting, your next grow will amaze you.


You might want to keep an eye on the main stem. Not sure how much that stick will hold ‘if’ the buds do get much larger. Would be a shame to find it snapped before harvest.


Light drives all biological activity in the plant. Inadequate light will cause many more problems than loose airy flower. I personally wouldn’t germinate under 15 watts.