Check my color WWA

Is this color a problem or good news?
Purple Leaves?
Probably normal for a purple kush

WWA born on 2.7.18 in rapid rooter plugs, but decided I’m moving to FFOF soil. I think there was a pH problem with those rapid rooters.
Runoff pH is now in the 6.5 - 6.7 area.
Also IDK if related but
When they were infants, i had a light/stretching problem (now fixed) under a 200 watt LED and some of the first few sets of leaves were getting white/yellow tips and died off… So they were stunted in growth…

But purple leaves makes me ask have I fixed everything?

What do you think of these pics?

@garrigan62 @MacGyverStoner @latewood

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Here you go @BrockSamson hope this helps

If your temps are low it may be the cause

Temps/humidity I’ve spent much time keeping as close to ideal as possible. They were under a humidity dome (terrarium). And a heating pad during winter. I just transplanted them into 3 gallon fiber pots.

I need to read more detail on the symptoms checker (I’ve only skimmed a few) but i did see more than one mentioned “purple leaves”
Nothing really stood out at me to be one issue.

Can I get some of the graybush :-\ to look at my pics?

@latewood @MacGyverStoner @garrigan62

Be patient, some types of damage to leaves will not recover. For the most part you want to watch new growth and if the pH problem is corrected and you are giving a balanced feeding regimen appropriate for the stage of growth, the plant will start to look a lot better.

Absolutely cold can be a factor, and some strains will more easily show purple than others.

happy growing,


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PATIENT WTF you mean these things don’t grow overnight? Lol

I have patience in abundance… These ladies get treated better than I treat myself.

Thanks @MacGyverStoner… I wasn’t sure if it was a problem or good thing.

I’m done with those starter rapid rooter plugs…ive seen several people on here that use/like em… But i think they are mostly peat moss… And i think it you or @latewood (someone on here) said the peat moss requires a pH closer to hydro… I lost last year’s crop because of this.

Either way they are doing much better since transplant into FFOF soil. Still some purple but one of them is growing like a weed… Wait huh?

I’m working on putting up some pics/vids on my new grow tent/exhaust fan its freakin cool.


Thank you

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I’m not familiar with rapid rooters, but yes, pure peat and other “soil like” soilless substrates like coconut coir do need pH levels the same as hydro. And the most common “starter” plugs like jiffy are indeed mostly or pure peat.

The more soil like amendments in the mix, then the pH might be in between that of soil and hydro.

Glad to hear things are improving.


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@MacGyverStoner… I think the plugs are the same. (found on amazon) I had never heard of “soilless” until last year when I lost my 1st crop.

Now how about this…

I’m still working on the humidity… I ended up putting a cool mist humidifier in my tent… It helps But it still seems difficult to get both Temp/Humidity in that butter zone.

So my question is… If you had to pick one or the other… What is more important humidity or temperature?

Thank you


That is a complicated one, lol.

Let’s start off with what temps and R.H. you are dealing with?


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Thanks MacG, I agree.

I do not see where you posted the temp and RH of your space.

Did you have a heat mat under your plugs?

It odes not appear you really need to fill out a support ticket but, copying a support ticket and reading it will give you some insight into things you may need to address.

lw :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys (or gals) @MacGyverStoner @latewood haven’t seen late around lately, how you doing buuuudddy?

Ok so the temps have been easier to control especially when I had them under a humidity dome… And when at the beginning of 2018 I did have the tray under a heating pad… Actually just put it back on (little cold here zone 6a).

I have found if one changes then the other is affected (seems you know this).

For your ticket questions… I think I put everything in my ILGM profile. Check it and LMK am I missing anything you wanted?

Is it possible to make this a thing? It creates less work for you and me (once setup).
So you don’t have to ask the same questions for every new thread.

For the home grower, shouldn’t these environmental questions have little change?
Of course the member has to keep it updated.

Back to the topic…
While my girls do seem better, here are the latest pics and a spreadsheet I created to track humidity and feeding.

Any suggestions on a humidistat (or probe) that would work in my grow tent?

I see your list and goals, and your pictures posted, but this doesn’t answer the question.

More of a night and day parameters and a couple of or a few examples of something along the lines of “at this temp I can maintain this humidity” is more of the answers I was looking for.

The link below about humidity gives you a approximate ideal humidity for various stages of growth.

Simply put I would probably have to say temperature is more important. If you can keep it as close to around 70-80 fahrenheit and humidity can be ok as low as 50%, especially for the plants pictured, I wouldn’t exactly consider these seedlings anymore, and it isn’t too far below the recommended 60% so the stomata shouldn’t be that closed to slow transpiration nor have a significant detriment to growth.

Clones humidity level
Growth Week 1: 70%
Growth Week 2: 70%
Flowering Week 1: 65%
Flowering Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 3: 55%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

Seedlings humidity level
Growth Week 1: 60%
Growth Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 1: 55%
Flowering Week 2: 50%
Flowering Week 3: 50%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

It would be best to have one thread per grow, one grow journal per grow, as later grows won’t necessarily have the same plants or the same conditions.

Having those parameters listed in the beginning of that grow journal and keeping all questions and posts about that specific grow in that grow journal would make it easier for anyone trying to help you.

happy growing,


At what age did you transplant your auto? It sure is stunted. :slightly_frowning_face:

@MacGyverStoner do you happen to have a paperclip, a rubber band, and some chewing gum? LETS MAKE A THING!

so i havent tracked the humidity as close as you suggest… But temps are mostly staying in the 70 - 80ish… Humidity has gotten down to 45ish %
This why i added a humidifier… After which the RH got wayyy to high like 99% (dripping off the light and such). Scared it would kill the light… Since electricity and water play so nice together. :open_mouth:

Now using the built in timer when needed, so it can’t get too high for too long… think best i can do, unless I find a humidistat… Any suggestions?

I have been using your RH charts you posted as a guide…
Also I swear i saw it in another post (can’t find now) but another member said to keep the RH same day or night.
Not saying you are wrong… Just sayin… So therefore i havent tracked it… Guess I should look into this.

I think ultimately i am in the suggested/acceptable range… But then my OCD kicks in and I try to perfect it (what started this thread for me).

MacG did I miss any of your questions/point?


Transplant was done close to 2 months old (about 3 weeks ago from 3.27.18)

First their were light issues… Instructions said… 36"…needed more like 18" at birth. Therefore stretching… Then i had wrong pH for starter peat plugs… So im surprised they survived at all… I AM DONE WITH THOSE PLUGS!
now doing FFOF soil from start.

Here are this weeks pics… The baby is a FFOF soil from start 3.7.18

(see my profile for my grow environment)

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Looking good, Brock!

I had one like that once. I thought to myself, so this is is what a growing Thai stick looks like.

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