Check in after spraying with neem oil

I just sprayed with a solution of neem oil. 12 days old today. Removed from light and waiting for leaves to dry. She’s growing fast!

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Are you just spraying as a preventative?

Yes. Really light. However I had seen some discoloration on one of the leaves several days ago… Very light though…

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They look really good! Are those little fabric pots a pain to transplant from or not, ide love to use them but hate cutting my pots apart

No they are two gallon fabric pots that allow the roots to breathe better. This is the pot they are harvested from. It’s an Autoflower so it doesn’t get as big. If everything goes right I should still get maybe a few ounces or so.

It’s a bit earlier than I’ve ever sprayed neem. Seems ok though.


I’m aware haha the autos I grew were in 3 gallon fabric after harvest it was the most dense root ball I’ve ever seen they were good sized plants alls I was wondering if you transplanted with those they looked like one gallons to me didn’t know if you had a trick to ease removal but yeah I don’t uppot autos either. To me with the strain I ran it’s seemed they would have done much better in 5 gallons but did well in the 3 gallons just didn’t get to reuse hardly any of the coco so much root! And yeah air pruning for sure works

Yeah I chose this one, the two gallon pot because it’s my first grow and I didn’t want to spend too much money at first until I found out if I like it or not or if I killed the plant right off. I’m enjoying it though. I’m going to compost my soil and add to the compost for a while. This super soil is great from the way this plant is doing.

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Right on man! It’s a great hobby I fell in love along time ago but just recently actually learning how to do the best I can and still learning! That plant looks good Your doing great! When I first started indoor I was planning on going hydro but the more I research soil science I’m realizing that in hydro they may grow faster but nothing beats what the planet mastered millions of years ago so right now I’m rockin coco loco and organic dry amendments but this next season I’m gonna start a couple worm bins and develop the land that I own start composting so that I can start doing it cheap and the way Mother Nature intended with a boost of course haha