Cheap seed suggestions

Hey guys,

Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot, but can any 1 suggest a place to get cheap seeds, I don’t grow to smoke I just enjoy growing, so I’m not picky, photos, Auto, fems, normal, it’s all good to me, and any help in the right direction is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!!!


Rhino u dont happen to he from florida are ya

Cheapest seeds are the ones you find in your bag. They may not give great results, but they usually grow and they’re free.

The only place I know of is wright here my friend.


Hey bud,

Nah, bud I’m not, I wish I was in a state like florida, Oregon, where it’s more readily available, it’s not a easy to get commodity around my area… it sucks… especially when you want it just to grow …lol

If you lived near me mate i would have given you some of my clones.

Hey bud,

And you would be my best friend …lol, its seeming like I’m going to have to figure out how to use the bitcoin thing and order seeds or just give up growing … either way neither 1 I’m looking forward to…

Taking you at your word that all you want to do is grow for fun,
Just get ten regular seeds and let them pollinate…you will have an endless supply of seeds from then on.
And you will have decent genetic plants to work with.
In the long run it will be cheaper than any other source of seeds.
Like these maybe…

Hey bud,

I actually did that a few years back and been growing them, but I ran them on out without thinking, now I’m left trying to find some different seeds, granted I love the colorful strains but I know beggars can’t be choosers, and yeah I do actually grow for fun, I like trying to beat my dry weight each grow, I take pictures and move on to a new soil growing media, and nutes and try again lol

Can’t really post competitors but I’ve tried other seed banks and you get what you pay for in regards of customer service. One bank in U.K. tried to keep my money and took 3 weeks to get a refund (had to look for processors number which I only know because of my experience with cc processors for current job) - ilgm has some great 10+10 deals I would recommend - usually come out to about 6$ a bean and you know it’s backed with their customer service.

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Hey bud,

I’ve actually completed quite a few out door photo period grows, I’ll post pics below, In just wanting to try some thing new, I like running side by sides, but either way, I might try and hit up ilgm and see what seesd they offer, ordering online over seas just seems sketchy, thing is i was trying to spend 50 to 75 dollars if possible, and I now some sites you can buy singles, so if I can find some fairly cheap seeds through ilgm I’ll run with them, and post video/pics of my side by sides for critic and suggestions, any I wanted to thank all you guys for the suggestions and help with everything, thanks !!!.