Cheap little light?

Any advice or opinions about if I should use the dome or not?

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A lot of people here have an affinity to the dome, with some standout opponents to it including @Hellraiser

I’m not saying one way is right and the other way is wrong but I find it interesting that one of the best growers on the site never uses domes

I try to follow the teachings of Hellraiser but I keep going back to domes out of some weird superstition that I can’t shake

I’m with hellraiser in that I don’t think it makes much difference (tried it both ways) but with the dome you have a better chance of the condensation dripping down onto your leaves which ain’t good

In the end I think it comes down to personal preference, but with that I’d say lose the dome

There will be a hoard of people who will disagree


i try not to use the domes. me i think if your room/tents RH is at the proper level there should be no need for a dome. i could be wrong too but hey this is a info sharing site isnt it?? a place to put out your thoughts and experience and ask questions. like u and a whole slew of people on here say there are many ways of doing things. just gotta find what works in your environment.

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My last grow, i used the hlg 600Rspec… Absolutely fantastic results!

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Yeah the last one I did without a dome didn’t get dried out or seem to suffer for it in any way


If u use the small amazon light i would not use the dome if u use the 600 keep on lowest setting about 3 feet up and keep dome on to see how they react if they stretch or not. Nice light by the way for not knowing about any of this grow stuff. If u notice the stalk getting lengthy lower light a hair or turn it up a hair or possibly lose the dome then.


Yeah I had already been growing indoors for nearly 30 years before someone told me I should use a dome for seedlings, I was like - Why? What’s the benefit? Then I was told seedlings must have high humidity, their roots can’t uptake water and blah blah blah, all stuff I knew was wrong because if they were right, I would not have the success in growing that I’ve had over the years. I never have problems with seedlings, even in low humidity.

I’ve never lost a seedling once it pops up from the medium (not in the last 28 years anyway) and my seedlings grow fast and never slow down. Show me better results than my method and I will consider it, I’m always looking for improvements as we all should. But I don’t see doming as an improvement, more of a hindrance, blocks air flow, traps humidity, keeps soil wetter for longer, all conditions that make it ripe for over watering and damping off (a thing that kills many seedlings).

You would think if anyone “needs” a dome, it would be someone like me who lives in the desert with very low ambient humidity, usually less than 20RH outside and not much higher inside (need a lot of hand lotion LOL).

From my first grow documented here (Gorilla Glue), seedlings (and a couple clones) started and doing great at 25RH, never domed, see the hygrometer next to the tray.



@Mr_Wormwood NY as well. Sunset Bay on lake erie. Thank u for your help .

Well, the light worked well but it was to small for my tray. I think it may work really well for 4 to 6 plants.

The plants on the outside had to bend for the light.

I have a similar little light. Works good for the first 2 weeks after sprout for 1-2 plants. I usually move the plants outside after 2, maybe 3 weeks tops so can’t say how long you can really use it. The light is pretty weak so probably not very good once plant get bigger.

Edit - I don’t use a dome for seedlings.

I read this, but I am not sure of its validity. What do yous think… it seems a little to relative to me.

" A simple test you can always use to tell if you are too close is hold your hand under the lights right where the tops of your plants are. If it is too hot for you to hold your hand there for 5 seconds, it is too close and the light needs to be raised."

The very unscientific method
I’ve seen that and question the totality of its validity

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