Cheap little light?

Anyone have experience with this light? I was going to use it for my sprouts.


It should be okay for the first week or 2 of a plant’s life. You won’t be able to properly veg or flower a plant with it.

I am just afraid my big light will cook them.

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I used one for my sprouts. I use it on my house plants. It’s amazing the difference it makes Not good past sprouts.

What is your big light and I am assuming that it doesn’t have a dimmer switch?

And btw I too am a Don in NY (upstate)


Upstate as well.



That’s a monster

I have not used it yet… so I am unsure of its strength.

Well I don’t know if that model has a dimmer, I would think that it does, and at lowest setting it’s fine for seedlings

I would adjust height according to what your plant tells you

It does have a dimmer knob

I’m pretty sure you don’t need a different light but @dbrn32 would know for sure

Let’s wait for his response but I’m fairly certain that lowest setting at a reasonable height would be fine and save you a few bucks

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You can start seeds with either. If you use big light keep it up some and dimmed way down.

Hello fellow new yorkers


Hey Hey.

So should I run it with or without the dome?
And the light has 10 settings. About how bright should I set it for?

Junk don’t waste your money.

Another NY shout out


I have the same light. This is HLG recommendation for seedlings for the 600 Rspec


My little light is 36 watts. I pot it on full power and is 6 to 8 inches from the plants.

I made this decision on pure speculation and inexperience.

Please weigh in with your opinions. I need to learn.

Personally I would junk the Amazon light and just use the hlg but that’s just me

It’s not that the Amazon one won’t work, it will, but I don’t see the point in using it when you have a known quality light that will do the same thing, but probably better

As long as you follow the recommendation on height and intensity you won’t fry your babies