Cheap Light suggestion

Hey guys,

I got right at $250 for a decent light, I’m currently running t5ho, 6, 4ft power veg bulbs full grow formula, but the cost of these lights are ridiculous. … so any 1 tried ir suggest any leds, cob, or quantum for that cheap of a price, it will be going in a 4x4 grow tent, and I was going to use the t5ho lights as corner lights with 6500k in veg and switch over to 2700 in flower, anyways thanks ahead of time guys!!!

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Personally I would go with one of these I started on LEDs and this has been my go too for the money you now Exactly what you’re getting you don’t have to worry about them trying to say you have 1000 W LED and it only pause 200 W with one of these you are pushing what it says

I use the 315w x cmh and love it

Problem is; whatever you use if it’s in a decent usable power level will be just as expensive to run. Power is power and despite the advertising, LED’s are NOT able to deliver ‘1,000 watt HPS performance’ from 200 watts out of the wall.

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If it where cost efficient to run hps, or cmh I probably would, but I’m having to run my lights off a couple extension cords, and needing a light that can give off a high quality light for lower power consumption, now I’ve heard a lot if good things about the cob lights but I don’t have any real experience with them, plus I grow for a hobby, and just like having fun with it .

Qb lights are quality lights and lower power consumption.

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Please do not do what I did. Wait until you can afford good lights . I went with a quantum board build. I am buying it in separate paydays and I’ll have a bangin light . I waisted money on a cheap light and now I’m out more money


If you go with leds the better packages are going to cost a little more. The qb’s really popular because they can be purchased in kits and offer very efficient light at lower cost than buying a commercially made light that is competitive. Cobs can be good too, but you have to be sure you’re actually getting a good module. The $100 cob lights on Amazon aren’t the same.

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I’m using a 3 COB light right now. Something like 210 at the wall. It’s doing well. No heat and quiet. I’m going to add another one soon for flowering. Next year I’ll have some fun money not already spoken for and upgrade my lights, but for now these cobs seem to do the job.

Yeah ill have around 250$ to play with, I highly doubt I’ll be getting 1 of the 1000$ lights for something i do for fun/hobby I like the idea of QB and Cobs, plus I’m a decent diyer, and wouldn’t mind putting my own light together but I’m just studying light spectrums and now and what makes a good grow light, I just need 1 to cover a few plants, or 4 X 3 area, but I do greatly appreciate you guys taken the time to suggest lights, trying to YouTube and Google info is a slow and painstakingly slow task lol