Cheap and small autos


So how did the harvest go @Jjman



Well the top picture is from earlier I got 22 quart mason jars a dry product that was all very very good all white widow except for a few different ones and the bottom pictures are from some that were from the same batch that I put outside because they had bugs and once I put them outside it’s seem to get control of bugs I never had to spray it won’t let me take pictures of larger size showing all of them says file is too big but here’s a couple others and they are getting ready to be harvested much bigger outside thanks for asking though everything went very well no spray added and very good product auto Mazzara white widow


My ohhhh my !!


You cannot go wrong with auto white widow taste like fruit loops very good very good mood!!!



Here is a close-up have a good night


Looks great keep up the good work


Agreed sir 18-6 always then 12-12 with more power if possible and scrog boom your set.


Good stuff to know


So you can transplant them. Give it a go.