Cheap and small autos

Normally grow outside in Florida but it is winter here and not working out so well trying an indoor small area 6’ x 2.5’ x 36" high and 10 raise as needed too many Plants will put outside as needed using a 600 W galaxy Hydro to CFL 2000 W 290 W spotlights Jerry rigged

I was trying to edit my post and say that I use one third perlite one third vermiculite one third miracle grow potting soil I am growing this under a 6’ x 2.5’ table I can raise it up as needed SeedsMan seeds all sprouted ,some alttle later ,use it k-mag 13-2-13 6% calcium,3%magn any thoughts 4weeks old still small

I’m probably not doing this right but it’s my first time posting don’t know where I should be thank you please don’t punish me too much

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Not sure if this is information that you’re sharing or if you’re asking some sort of a question but either way it sounds like you’re off to a decent start …although most people will tell you to stay away from Miracle-Gro because of its time release nutrients … but if you’re diligent and really keep an eye on things and possibly have to flush one time or another , you will be able to deal with it and manage it and if you’ve been doing it this way for long enough , then you already know this …either way keep it green and welcome to ilgm…


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What I was getting at is being so small and auto flower will they get much bigger than this or just have very small the 4 inch buds or do I need to raise my lights to make them grow taller****

Some autos get very big all the ones ive grown 3 feet tall 2 feet round but ive seen a family member grow 5 foot autos so its a strain thing and environmental thing i keep my girls short

Thank you all and moderator for letting me be where I’m at if I’m supposed to be somewhere else please let me know thank you just trying to make them bigger of course thanks

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No problem at all buddy , either way I’m not sure about autos because I do not grow them , but like the previous post had mentioned… sum flower very small and some grow to be ginormous plants… I think it just depends on strain and phenotype , but who knows I’m a knucklehead anyway… LOL


One thing with any auto strain, you DO NOT want to transplant them. They have a very short VEG period and any stress during that period will set your plant back BIG time! So you want to start them in a 3-5 gallon pot (the bigger the better) so theres no need to transplant.
Not sure what size you have them in…but…

Hope This Helps
Good Luck
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They’re only in 1 gallon but I did not think they would flowers so early oh well live and learn next time thanks

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No doubt dude! And they usually start budding around the 2-3wk mark…

Good Luck
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Thanks again going to bed talk to you tomorrow have a good night 1240 here a.m. a.m.

Your girls look healthy so good job👍I think
@peachfuzz is on point about mg soil
I used it once and it works but the nutts aren’t the best blend for MJ but your plant will grow in the medium for sure and you cut it down with the perilite

You can transplant autos it really doesn’t harm them as people say I do it and i believe @garrigan62 does as well I could be wrong though


Yes I do the two clones were transplanted from quart size to 5 ga buckets



I used to transplant autos, until I read that they shouldn’t be…after that I did two side-by-side grows back to back, transplanted one and started the other in a 5gal both times…and from my experience, I will never transplant an auto again!

I am however, trying to clone an auto at the momoment…see how that turns out!

Cheers :beers:

Well we all differ in our opinions lol, can’t wait to see how they turn out as well

Thank you all for the advice very much I was still wondering should I raise my lights to get them to get taller they are about 10 inches from the tops thanks again

How high above are they if they are 24-36" above likely your fine and i wouldn’t advise raising lights any more

They are about 10 inches is that why they just look so stunted