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You can get pretty good deals on some of that stuff and piece it together at The growers house

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I used the California light works UVB last time but had to be careful it was really rough on the plants could only go to 15 minutes sessions in the whole 12 hour period

Yeah I was trying to hold out a little longer I still had a couple small ones and one in each tent but the big purple kush was already three times as big as the rest of them so I had to flip after the stretch if need be I will put the other two on stands already propped one of them up

Bout to get me a dmall 7 clone grow in 2 gal pots in a 2x5x4 high tent scrog it. Just got in the 2 gal containers now for the wait to start chiropractic therapy on them to fill the area.

Gonna change out the blurples and add another 240w set like whats up top they have flower setting also so its the enfun boards i used last grow before i got the scorpion


Dang! Sounds interesting though. I have been running my uva throughout this veg and not sure it’s helping and almost positive it’s not. I wired the uva into my 600 and don’t have separate power to them. So it stays on as long as the 600 does. I’ve had a hard time this grow with burn and now that I have ph/ppm dialed, if it continues, I’ll assume it’s too much uva. Does that sound logical?

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I’m sure the scorpion rocks nice looking set up

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I’m about to dive into cloning here in a few days. I’m so nervous but excited! Like, I know I have a plan, but which part will I completely forget or do wrong? But excited at the prospect of cloning the very special plant I have. Woo-hoo!

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So how is that duly tech press is it any good I was considering getting one they have that drip tek stand that lets it sit at an angle so the resin will just drip right out do you have that attachment how does yours work

It must i cant crank it full blast lol. Plants dont grow they stay short bushy lol. Even at half power and 3 feet away

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I’ll be watching :ok_hand:

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Please do this plant is literally 11 inches high and 2.5 feet wide I can’t hold it down much longer it’s gonna be 10 feet tall in my 6 foot tent… It looks like a rookie planted the tent I knew they would get big they’re haze but I didn’t think they were going to be two weeks age difference it would be funny if it wasn’t my tent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::wink: this is the last pic I have it’s just the three I have manifold the others are autos or moving out to veg elsewhere


Looks good she’s exploding @MeEasy she looks like a lovely lady the manifolds are looking very nice :ok_hand::+1: don’t know that I would have the patience for the manifolding

I was hesitant to do a manifold before I tried it and I think the benefits are well worth the effort and if you make sure the plant is fast growing and healthy before cutting it it doesn’t add very much veg time if any, tomorrow :strawberry: will be 8 weeks from the day I dropped the seed in water but it’s a haze I can’t think of a strain that grows faster than haze. I grow in living soil which is probably the slowest way of growing

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Maybe after another round or two I may have to use one of the tents and play around with it can’t hurt to try huh :thinking::joy:


Man the top center plant the circle. That plant looks like absolutely perfect a perfect circle all clusters look nice and even and same size. That plant looks sweet. They all do but that one is just looking so perfect sitting there like it has a halo over its head


Thanks @Mark0427 I’m learning more every round think this is my 5th go round doing manifolds I’m getting better at training em, plenty more out there to learn and improve I’m sure I love this hobby it keeps you thinking 4sure


Things are looking good in here. If you really want to scrog in that tent. You will have to make a set up. Those trellis nets are good for support in a small tent. But the squares are to big to actually do much tucking. That was my first attempt too. You could easily build a custom bamboo top for that tent if you wanted. Pretty cheap, and super easy too. I have some I use as back ups now. I have one in my 5’ tent with 3 plants in it. I like seeing full tents :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They work great for me

Nets in use last grow


Quick update


Lookin good :+1: @JJ520 it won’t be long and it will look like the pics in your last post :wink:… I like the idea of the net I even bought one but because of my health I don’t think it’s a good way for me. I like to lift my pots onto a table to do the training and I just don’t see my fat ass crawling under to trim the bottoms lol I’d never get back up ,I’d have to sleep under there :sweat_smile::sleeping:… when I build my growroom I’m going to have my tents up on platforms like tables only about half as tall. At least that’s how I’m seeing it in my head for now

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