Charts and graphs

I have seen lots of charts an graphs tossed around and asked for I figured if we could get them all on there own topic newbies could find them easier



Teaspoon to Milliliter conversion ± .1 Milliliter

1 tsp = 5ml
3/4 tsp = 3.75ml
1/2 tsp = 2.5ml
1/4 tsp = 1.25ml
1/8 tsp = 0.61ml


Light distance charts for HID


I do like the visual aid that charts provide. However, one of the great reasons to maybe post more than one of the same chart, from more than one source, is charts can be occasionally wrong, or at least not entirely accurate.

The reason I and other like to emphasize the difference in light and CO2 for the leaves, and dark and O2(oxygen) for the roots, is that there is greater oxygen consumption by the root as compared to the bulk of the soil or growing media and in relation to any carbon dioxide (CO2)consumption by the root. And so I think in this chart it is just a typo, and they probably meant to cut and paste to arrows from the top at the leaves and brought it down to point at the roots, and the forgot to flip the arrows, lol.

So it is more the opposite, CO2 into the leaves and O2 out of the leaves, and CO2 out of the roots and O2 into the roots.

Just a clarification on the info presented in this picture.

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Zoom top picture to read if need be


Na it is good as long as everybody is aware of the apparent typo.

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OOh I like the George Cervantes Deficiency chart, I haven’t seen that one before!

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Awesome!! Glad I found that one, I seen that and thought, that would be great to put up and some big help for people with nutrient lock out problems, and alrighty, thought I might check so I wasn’t crossing line with any one lol

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My first attempt at a link. Hope it works!

Some flavor charts…

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Here’s a simple chart for how temperature is affecting PH