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Why hasn't my purple bud turned purple any tips or thoughts
The ILGM DownEast 12

Na it is good as long as everybody is aware of the apparent typo.


OOh I like the George Cervantes Deficiency chart, I haven’t seen that one before!


Awesome!! Glad I found that one, I seen that and thought, that would be great to put up and some big help for people with nutrient lock out problems, and alrighty, thought I might check so I wasn’t crossing line with any one lol


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Some flavor charts…

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I hope these will help others…

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Here’s a simple chart for how temperature is affecting PH


Awesome chart @Niala :slight_smile:


Thanks @Majiktoker , it’s just to clarify some false statement that at acceptable growing temperature and water the swing in accuracy with PH reading is not what is circulating (as much as 0.3 difference in reading)

If someone as a difference of more than 0.1 in reading, they should change there PH pen asap :wink::innocent::v:

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You tought me something new lol @Niala


It’s just a sharing of knowledge in both side, it’s a 2 way free-way… lol :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: :v: @Majiktoker


Here’s a chart for LED lights, it’s for equivalent watt, so if your LED light is 300W follow the chart for it, it’s not made for actual or real draw and it’s an approximation, that clarify, here it is :

120 W to 180W ~1.5 feet
180W to 300W ~2.0 feet
300W to 600W ~2.5 feet
600W to 1200W ~3.0 feet
1200W to 2000W ~3.5 feet

Hoping that’s helping as many as fellow growers possible

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thanks @Niala, nice contributions :mortar_board:


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