Charlottes Web - when to harvest

Hi all, I’m growing a Charlottes web strain (fem auto Charlotte’s Angel) and wonder what I should be looking for to determine harvest day. She is 8+ weeks into blooming and 101 days from germination. Not a lot of trichomes to reference, but there is likely enough. Would I pull the plant at Milky, or 5-10% amber or other? Since this plant is less than 1% THC, I’m not chasing THC so what’s best here??? I searched, didn’t find an answer. Thank you!

The seed bank shows this to be 10 weeks for flowering.

Her buds still have a lot of fattening up to do. I’d estimate another 2-4 weeks, just looking at pistils and calyx formation. Patience is key, at this stage of the grow.

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Each seed has it’s own schedule depending on environment and nutrients. Some have posted pics of auto’s that were 6 months old and 7’ tall. Most will not go that long.
She could go more. Especially since THC % is not your interest.

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