Charcoal replacement


can anyone tell me if you can replace the charcoal in a air scrubber?if so where do you get the right
activated charcoal do you use powder ,pellets? or is it worth doing ?


My hydro store can remove and replace the charcoal


thank u where is your store? i can probably do it just need to know what to use , is it worth doing or better to just buy a new one


it is not really that much savings to justify the pain In the ass, but if ya are adventurous you can utube making activated charcoal. It may be a fun project to keep ya busy.


Some of the scrubbers can be reversed and used from the other end. I tried it on mine and it did not work that well. I think it is easier to just replace them.


Activate charcoal is readily available and is cheap as can be. To properly use it however you have to wash it which is A GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE ASS! I’ve done buckets of it.


thank you guess i will buy a new one


I would probably look at how your filter is put together. If there are rivets that are easily drilled out and replaced, may be worth trying.

I agree with @Myfriendis410 there are a few prepping steps you’ll want to follow. I’m sure there’s probably a few tutorials on YouTube.


I think its much easier to just replace filter when its used up they are minimal in cost


thank you guess i will buy a new one