Changing to Coco substrate advice from ppl who have it down to an art :-)

Has anyone turned to coco ? using 40-50 liters a pot with a month veg correct wattage per square foot. Lollipoped. How many oz off plants ie blue dream, tangie n gg4 ?? I’m getting roughly 3/6 oz per plant using Perlite n a little canna soil mixed in but enough to bottom feed. With coco I’d be top feeding at 10% less nutrients !! Any info appreciated !!

@Jam we can’t predict your harvest, but there are a lot of people that love coco including myself. @MattyBear does coco as well. 35L container might be overkill though. I have mine in a 3gallon (11.34L) and she’s doing great.


Not positive what your question is. I grow in coco and just harvested 10oz + from one white widow auto in 7 gallon cloth pot


R u talking about my question ? @HornHead as I’m looking at 7 or 10 gallon good freind said bigger better. With coco

If you are growing outside, 10+ gallon is best. But with coco, you’ll be watering probably 2x a day during the summer


@Covertgrower thanks havnt been around for a while I have some new blue dream so I’m going coco literally lol I’m told to expect hungry beasts hope so

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That’s fine @HornHead I pretty much do that now so not much change just want to be on point

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You have to start feeding plants with nutrients after about a week, week and a half since coco has no nutrients. You’ll want to be adding calmag also. Any questions you have just hit me up


Cool cool @HornHead got calmag ready plus I’m told drop 10% off nutrients. Thanks I’ll let ya know how it goes

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What nutes you plan on using?

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Mix coco with soil and perlite and every 24 hrs run out at least 10% that way you push out old nutrients. If you use coco only you going to be on top of your plant because it will dry so fast. Pay attention to the ph and the ppm the ones comes out of you pot, make sure you keep your ph at 5.8 to 6.5

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I disagree on this part. I’m still watering every 3-4 days, but about a day or two shorter than soil. So really it’s not as bad as a lot of people think.


When the babys are in veg stage yes you’ll water every 2 days but when they get in flower stage good luck doing that, coco will shrink and kill the roots just saying.

This is my girls growing in coco-soil-perlite. They spend 5 weeks in veg and they have 4 weeks in flower so far and they look huge buddy, you can do whatever you want my friend I just sharing my experience.


I completely agree. You CAN water daily and @Not2SureYet does. He’s a stellar coco grower too.

This is not media (soilless). You have created soil. Crappy soil.

No offense but I’ve NEVER heard this before and I grow in coco, peat and soil. Coco is a FANTASTIC medium and will beat soil EVERY TIME for growth and yield.

This should only be done in anticipation of harvest. You should NEVER lollipop a vegging plant. That is in all likelihood your issue with yield.

I average 10 oz per plant in coco or peat. I also use 7 gallon pots and water when they are monsters every other day. Mid flower (peak) you may see some need to water more frequently but that’s only a couple of weeks.

Here’s my C.V. lol:

That’s all coco. More than 4 lbs of flower from 5 plants.


Crapy soil? O well from that crapy soil this beautiful flower came out and taste delicious!


Not coco. Soil. There is no way you could grow a decent plant unless you heavily supplement (like coco) but you lose all of the advantages of coco including no real idea of what your NPK ratio is. Sure; you can grow weed but I’m growing cannabis.

I don’t understand people trying to reinvent the wheel. Seriously.


Hahahahah you’re funny buddy, so you stuck in things that you already learn and dont want to learn other new things? I’m not saying that you have to do what I do and didn’t criticize yours methods, you can grow in moon soil if you desired and dont care buddy hahahahahhahah


It is a disservice to a newer grower to start throwing things at them that is outside the norm. You can grow all the dank you want and likely you are experienced enough to get where you want to go but other folks need to find their own best way to go. You don’t start driving NASCAR with a learner’s permit.

And it is up to the gentleman with the issues to decide how he should proceed.



Never heard this one, but my gelato hasn’t died yet, and I know I forgot to water it once or twice to the point of wilting.

I’m in flower now @Serginho2535 that’s how often I water. Seems to be just fine.
I think what @Myfriendis410 is trying to explain is that when you add more coco to soil, you are eliminating benefits of soil, and by doing this you you’ll need to supplement your semi coco/semi soil heavily with additional nutrients. At this point you might as well choose straight coco, since you’ll be feeding more in comparison to just soil.

I don’t think he’s unwilling to learn, but I think he was just trying to explain respectfully that you’ll need to feed heavily because of the coco mixture into the soil.