Changing seedlings from 12/12h to 18/6h


First of all: Hi to everyone! Just registered. :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner grower, finishing my first grow.

My setup: homemade indoor grow tent with 150w CFL and 2 computer fans for air circulation (in/out).

My situation is as follows: A friend of mine, wanted to start growing but after his seeds sprouted had some problems and couldn’t continue to do so, so he asked me if i wanted his seedlings (about a week old). Since it is difficult to get quality seeds here, i accepted the seedlings. They were growing outside (so something close to 13/11h light cycle), when i took them in we started having some really bad weather and i put them in my grow room, which is on a 12/12h flowering cycle. I’m harvesting later today. The seedlings are now maybe a week and half old and about 7-8 cm high.

My question: after harvesting my adult plants, is it possible to change the light cycle to 18/6 for the seedlings? And if so, how would i do it, gradually or overnight?

Thanks in advance! I can post pictures if requested.


put them under 18/6 overnight, no gradual transition required…and Welcome @Bladebosq to ILGM!


Yup im With @kabongster @Bladebosq
Spot on advice there
And welcome to the play ground any other questions feel free to post them we have a great membership and all are willing to help you succeed :+1: happy growing :v:️CB


Welcome to forum. Lots of experienced growers here. Happy Growing!!!


Welcome to ILGM forum @Bladebosq… you will find here very good and knowledgeable poeple who are willing to share their experience’s :grinning:

@kabongster is a great reference as @Countryboyjvd1971 and many others…

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And I agree with kabongster, switch as soon as possible to 18/6 light schedule… A day or 2 at 12/12 is not gone a affect them

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Thanks for the quick reply and advice! Gonna change the timer tonight.


Also thanks for the warm welcome everybody! @kabongster @Laurap @Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala


Welcome! I’m always late to the party, it seems


Welcome to the forum! There’s a great group of people here so don’t hesitate to ask questions.


Looks like you got solid answers. Welcome to the forum @Bladebosq you’ll love it here! I recommend a grow journal on the new additions to your garden. I would love to follow along if you started one. Happy growing.


You can just pull seedling out and sit in some type of light until lights back on