Changing out of DWC and into straight COCO

I was wondering if anyone has experience with making this kind of change out?
I have a couple of seedlings, two weeks old, with pretty massive root systems in 3 gal dwc. Problem is with the temps already passing 100 outside I just can’t keep the nute water cool enough, and there is no way a cooler for the rez is possible. I run a swamp cooler in the shed I grow in out back, and they are just not designed to work that way. I want to change them into straight coco but I can’t risk losing them, I can not get seeds to replace them, I begged and begged for these and the genetics are really not that strong. I have practiced all last week with some flower seedlings and with a lot of care 4 out of 5 made it pretty good. But, that was not with our precious girls, and thought it might be better to ask a fellow cannabis specific grower if it is doable?

I tried to do the same thing with pure coco for the same reasons. The problem, is it is still technically hydro, with only coco and it will still have problems with higher temperatures unless you add a few things. I had to supplement it with some good healthy compost with mycorrhizae and a lot of perlite , otherwise I got the same problems with roots too wet without enough dissolved oxygen.

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yeah, I thought if I could get it to take I would move it in the house where the AC is kickin

Yeah, I ended up just getting one of those portable a/c units, on wheels, with a duct hose to go to a common window seal.

Kind of like this but I managed to find a 12,000 BTU unit for maybe even cheaper than this 8,000 BTU unit

And this allowed me to go back to 100% DWC. Mostly, I still keep some “mother” genetics alive in a basic balanced potting mix for fruits and vegetables. Slow growth in soil is good when you aren’t trying to get it large fast to flower fast.

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I’m having the exact same problem but mine is only getting to around 78-80,would it be ok to drop a few pieces of ice in there at the hottest time of day to bring the temp down?or would that hurt something

Anything to keep reservoir temps well below 78*F.

If I can’t get my resevoir temp any lower than 76* through the day would adding another air stone help with the dissolved oxygen levels or would a bigger air pump help any?

Yes, I have seen DWC run healthy as high as 78* in the reservoir, but it needed tons of aeration. An air pump with more volume of air per minute or hour or what have you, and more air stones, would be very good, especially if you are having symptoms that are similar to over-watering appearing in your plants, which is what the plant start to look like if the dissolved oxygen levels in the water drop too low.

Sweet,I appreciate the help,your the man macgyverstoner.if I only knew half of what youve probably forgotten I would be in good shape

Can you guys tell me what “coco” means?

Coconut coir fiber. It is kind of similar to peat moss, but made from coconut husks. Also it is hydrophilic when completely dry, unlike peat moss which becomes hydrophobic when dry and another difference is it does not decompose or become as acidic as fast as peat can. A negative compared to peat moss is that it often contains high levels of sodium as the coconut trees grow near the ocean and often the husks get lots of salt water on them as they are being harvested and many brands of the fiber need to be thoroughly washed or flushed with fresh water to get all the salt out before use. Another thing about coco, is it may need to be supplemented with extra cal/mag, especially the magnesium, something about ionic properties, but basically it can cause a magnesium deficiency if not supplemented early on in use, but then after a time, it has the ability to to store and slow release magnesium to the roots.

Thanks for the info MacGyver!

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My go to folks are @MattyBear and @Myfriendis410 are two great coco growers. I’m not sure if they’ve done anything like that but maybe they can shed some light on the subject. I am currently on week three using coco and perlite. (first grow.) They, along with others are so graciously holding my hand as my wife and I “grow” through this journey. lol. :sunglasses:

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I love coco; it’s a great media. I’m trying Promix HP this next grow just to see if there’s a difference.

There are a number of ways to feed/water in coco that works. I did water/feed as needed but many water/feed daily with no ill effects. It is basically a DTW system that you mix nutes for every time.

I saw a youtube video where the guy would put a frozen 16oz. bottle of water in the reserve every so often to keep his temps down. Good luck!
Post pics. Everybody likes to see pics.