Changing Nutes for Soil Grows - Recommendation

On my first two grows (white widow autoflower), I used HGCC Standard nutes – starting about week 5. I don’t feel I got the results from the nutes that I was hoping – heftier buds (what else is new). So, for my new grow, going in on Sun., I’d like to try another line up. I like to keep things simple, if possible. I’m growing in soil, mix of FFOF + HF + Pearlite, 5 gal fabric containers, autoflowers Mephisto Fugue State x Forum Stomper x Forum Stomper, El Chemi Kiwi and Dougle Smile Plus ILGM Gelato.

What nutes do you suggest, but more important why? Easy to use? Cost effective? You saw amazing results?


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Jack’s 321. Easy to use, inexpensive, and gets great results.

There are a bunch of Jack’s products. All you need is Part A, Part B, and pure Epsom with no fragrances or dyes in it.


Do I need large bags for keeping about 10 plants? Best place to buy online? My local store only carries FF. I checked today.

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Hi thete. I just got the 1 lb i think. anyhoo,
very easy, even now, i could probably do it. I am driving my seed at 12. I hope its ok.

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Try EBay! All kinds of Jacks. You need part A, part B(calcium nitrate), Epsom salts.

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@GrnyGrows, the magical grow bud juice you seek, is already inside of you. “The best fertilizer is in the footsteps of the gardener”.

All the best ones are going to work the same way. They will provide the nutrition for your plant. And that’s basically it. If you have all the other environmental factors dialed in, light VPD etc, then the plant can grow to its full genetic potential, unless it’s an autoflower, then it’s anyones guess.

If you like soil, it’s been getting the job done for a billion years before nutes came along. Feed it, and it will provide everything that’s in those bottles, and the plant won’t even be able to tell the difference.

To answer your question a little more directly, I’d recommend a 4-4-4 blend for when the plant is in veg, and something higher in P for flower, like 4-8-4 or 2-8-4.

Focus on feeding your soil. The plants will fall into line. Have you purchased any nutrients yet? How big will your grow containers be? Also how many plants are you planning on running?
I feel like one can achieve fantastic results with a few basic organic supply’s.
Check out my grow journal. (Organics With the Hippie) If you like my grow style I could recommend a few things you could use. :slight_smile:
Happy growing…

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Super cool. I’m all about learning. I run autos in 5 gal fabric pots with FFHF+FFOF+Pearlite. Right now I have a large grow going and have been using the Homegrown line of standard nutes. I start feeding around four weeks – following their system (at 30-50%).

When you say “feed the soil” what do you mean? Is that for organic growing only or if you’re using potting soil? I’m headed to your grow.