Changing my light, what should i buy?

I have the money, i have the space, i have it all, i want the biggest yields possible, what should i use? HPS or LED? What model? what brand? and also how many watts?
I’m a hydroponic grower btw.


The first question everyone will want to know is how big is your space?

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Yep what he said space size and do you have exhaust fan?

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@dbrn32 will be able to for sure help u out. Maybe even get u a diy light setup for best results.


I’m interested in some diy lights and have wondered resusults honestly my diy lights (if you want to call then that lololol) were about 200$ all together and Iv have pretty good success rate what have you used or seen?


I have 12m2

I have an exhaust fan yes, i already use a 600w hps but i want somethign stronger

Ids say two 600w or 1000w

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12 meters squared?

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12m² = 129.1669ft²

Im from europe ahaha

Lol Na I figured it’s what ya meant just making sure hell of a space might loook into 3 600w tbh more the marrier myself personally I havnt used any hps lights but would like to give them a shot the blurpule lights killl my eyes lol

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Do u have some brand u recommend or something like that?

I would look into LED qb style boards. HlG, Spiderfarmer, marshydro, electric sky to name a few. I know mars and spiderfarmer have a few 400 watt leds. With a quality led I like to shoot for 35 to 40watts per sq foot. You would need 4 of the 400 watters if my math is right. Leds would save a ton on electric over hps. The rule of thumb for hps is 50 watts per sq ft.

Do you plan on flowering the whole 12m² as canopy? Typical hps setup there is about 1 600 watt hps per square meter. You could certainly get into different sized led fixtures, but good stuff for that size space will get expensive.