Changing light schedules

I started with white widow and northern lights autos and a few weeks later added some photo pineapple express, red dragon and ghost train haze into the mix. Initially I was 18/6 on the autos. I moved to 12/12 to accommodate the second set. The autos are covered with buds but seem to lack density. I’m now in week 14 on the autos and moved the photos to a different room.

I was considering going back to 18/6 on the autos with the hope that might help them add weight. Its hard to tell how much time is left but the most mature show mostly clear trichomes still. Will changing the light schedule this late help, hurt or not mean much? Any advice on bulking up the final weeks is also appreciated! Aloha!

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You should be fine with a light change. I presently use 20/4 for the auto’s.

To me, I recently upgraded to HLG lights - the quality of lighting will have a MUCH bigger effect on bud density. MUCH bigger.


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@SurferDude nailed it , Quality of Lights play a big role in finished product. Some strains of autos can be a little on the fluffy side. 14 weeks on Autos you should be getting close. Just my thoughts good luck ! :+1::v:

Thanks for the responses. If anything, I may have too much light if that’s possible. My plants don’t look like a lot of the ones I’ve seen here. I went DWC with GH Flora nutes and let them grow. They’re 7’ tall and 4-5’ wide and taking longer at every stage. I’m just curious if the combination with leave me with the airy buds or if I just need to remain patient. I check 'em daily and spent hours inspecting what’s going on like most probably do. In my mind’s eye they should be putting more weight on but seem to have plateaued - the trichome development is not there yet though. Aloha!

Hopefully it was just a genetic thing but here’s my post about the fluffy garbage buds I got from my ILGM GG AF. Could’ve been the lights too. Do yours look like this?

If it were me I would keep autos on 12 hour schedule. By rights you should be able to go back to long schedule, but is not always the case. 14 weeks they should be pretty close to finishing. Amount of time left to put on much bud swell should be small, and not worth the risk in my opinion.

Kept the 12/12 and started a second space to accommodate the different sets of plants. Worked out okay I think. They are maturing at different speeds but first was big and threw out a gram short of 10 oz. dry buds. Chopped 2nd today and it is bigger! Some flower porn. Last is a red dragon that is early in flower but kinda interesting/awesome. Aloha!