Changing light schedule for seedlings from indoor to outside

Hi guys, new member here. First time grow for me. I have a small grow box with some CFL bulbs to start my seedlings in for a few weeks before I move them outside. Right now I’m on an 18/6 light schedule. On at 1pm off at 7am. Should I change my light schedule to match the natural light outside so I dont shock them when they go out? If so, how would I go about doing that? The lights have only been on them for a couple days now. Sun is up around 530am and down at 9ish right now. The seedlings just sprouted the first two leaves and the one in the middle is just coming out now. Thanks!

Welcome to ILGM forum. Wouldn’t be absolutely necessary to match up light schedules. If you are in early veg they can handle a one time change in light schedule . Good luck. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and keep us updated on progress.

they havent reached sexual maturity, so just harden them off like any vegetable and move them outdoors.