Changing Day/Night cycle during flower

So I have a 2x2 grow with 4 plants entering it’s second wk of flower by Saturday. My light schedule is 6pm-6am. I realized this schedule doesn’t work for me and wanted to change it to 12pm/12am. Is it to late to change the light cycle during flower and if not how should I go about this? Should I just extend the dark period once until it reaches the hour I want it on?


I don’t see a problem. I have changed my light schedule a few times during flowering and I have had no issues. I go from 7pm to 7am now as cheaper at night. They may stall for a few says but it will correct itself.

People grow 18/6 and change to 12/12 with no issues. I personally run 12/12 from start to finish. :+1::+1::+1:


Yes, correct.


I concur, extend dark period and you should be fine.