Change the light to 12h/12h and after entering the flowering back to 16h/8h

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What happens if I put on the lights 12h/12h wait for the plant to enter the flowering phase and then come back by 16h/8h? Does flowering stop?

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If you put the plant into flower with 12/12, then change it back to 16/8 the plant will stall out for a few weeks, then begin veg again.

Why would you intentionally do that?

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Thanks. Because I have a plan at home that has now entered the flowering and would like to move to the outdoor, but there is still 14h of sunshine…

Are the number of daylight hours increasing or decreasing where you are?

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It’s on the peak. Now will start decreasing. It’s three more months until autumn arrives. At this moment there are 16h of light a day (I was mistaken it’s not 14h).

Mutated a plant like that it turned it albino

Cloned a flowering plant, returning the clone to a 20/4 light then vegd about 6-7 weeks and flowered. Didn’t get much from it but was fun.

So I’d expect you’d have the possibility to get mainly thick white hairs.

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@Mike.4 As long as the plant has enough soil to grow into, nutrients, water, and sunshine to let it veg for a couple months before it flowers again, you should get a decent amount of bud.
Many people reveg their plants or take clones from flowering plants and send them back to veg. I put some of my plants outside too early, so they are just not starting to reveg.
You can still achieve quality smoke if you give it the right environment. That doesn’t mean the bud will be no good.


Got it. Thanks.

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I have a Gold Leaf that went into flower and is converting back now because she was placed outside too early. The leaves will come out all funky and deformed but eventually turn back to normal.